November 30, 2015

 Monday - Stormy, rainy; clear at night

An okay day.

I woke up with my alarm this morning.  I had a very hard time falling asleep last night.  I must have lain in bed for an hour before I finally drifted off.  I was a bit tired, but fine.  I had my breakfast early on and when I was taking my medicine, F came home.  He nearly hit me with the door and instead of asking me to move so he could go around me, he went in front of the couch.  There isn’t much room there, so I was nervous for my cup, but he made it.  He seemed in a bit of a bad mood, so I was worried about him for most of the day.

I started my laundry early on and did a lot today.  I did about 4 loads, I didn’t know I had that much stuff to do.  Yikes.  I did work out today too.  I did half an hour.  It wasn’t too strenuous, but it did seem to help my back.  Hopefully I can do a bit more tomorrow.

I did a bit of housework, and after my workout, I set up the crockpot with tonight’s dinner.  I did pulled chicken in barbecue sauce, so the apartment had a lovely smell all afternoon.  Instead of using chicken breasts, which they didn’t have in the store yesterday, I used the top of the leg or something. I’m not really sure, it had something to do with the legs of the chicken.  Anyway, it was a good choice as the meat wasn’t dry, and when it was time to shred it, was halfway shredded already.

I never got around to taking my shower.  Oops.  I did unpack my suitcase from Akita finally though.  

F was late tonight and when he phoned me I had worked myself up into thinking he was mad at me from this morning.  He wasn’t!  He came home and I had dinner ready soon afterwards.  

We had pulled chicken on tortilla wraps with home made coleslaw.  I thought it was yummy.  F even had some on rice which looked good too.  We’ll have it for dinner tomorrow night too.

After dishes F watched a bunch of TV and I asked if we could go to the grocery store.  I hadn’t bought yogurt yesterday and I was out of it.  He waited until 9:00 pm so I was a tad miffed as that was when MY one and only show of the night came on, but I DVR’d it and went out.  We got some stuff at the grocery store.  We weren’t in a very happy place, not a terrible one, but still.  

After the groceries, I suggested going to McDonalds for a drink, which F agreed to.  We went in and had a drink each and shared a chocolate pie.  It was really nice to sit and listen to Christmassy songs and get out of the apartment together.  We  ended up talking about F’s school days and school lunches.  I realized that I had no idea what kind of food he ate as a student at school here.  

We came home and things were a lot friendlier.  I watched my show via the DVR and then F found Gone Girl and put it on.  He went to bed, and I’ll be off soon I hope.

In the evening I printed up a few copies of my Christmas letter and picked the Christmas cards for this year, so I’ll be writing and sending cards soon.  Yay for me! I had hoped to do that today, but I had a busy time.  

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be sending off my cards soon. I still haven’t done any Postcrossing cards for a while, but I have a few “must get done” things first.  Tomorrow I might start the cards, and hopefully wrap something and get it in the mail too. Come back later and find out what I actually manage to do.  Until tomorrow….

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