December 31, 2015

Thursday - Cold but sunny

A bad, sucky, horrible day.

F and I went out of town and stayed in a hotel last night.  We had a lovely night together and I thought things were going well.

This morning we checked out around 11 and drove into Sakata “to have lunch”.  We discussed a few places that we could go, but when we got to them they were all closed for New Years.  Sigh.  Then, while we were in the middle of a store, F came up with the idea that we should go to the Sakata Port Restaurant.  That’s the place he went last week when I went to the Soup restaurant.  I declined the invitation, far more politely than I felt.  He insisted.  I refused.  He said he was going to go so I said that I would walk to the train station and then go back to Tsuruoka.  

He took off and I followed him for a couple of floors until I realized that I needed the washroom.  I took care of that and then did what I said.  I walked to the Sakata train station, luckily there was a train in 15 minutes, so bought my ticket and got on board.  

I had a lovely, quiet ride.  I read a bit of my book and all was pleasant.

When I got to Tsuruoka I went to S-Mall and had lunch at Subway.  After that, I walked home. 

When I arrived, F was already there.  I asked him none too politely for the car keys, got them and then took my stuff out of the car.  Those were the last words I said to him for the rest of the year.

He watched crap boxing and then went to bed for a few hours.  I watched the first four episodes of Zoo.  It was okay, rather interesting actually.

When he got up, he went out and brought himself back some food.  

Since nothing was offered to me, I knew I had to go out and get my own too.  I walked to the grocery store, got some food and walked back again. 

I heated up my food, ate, read a bit of my iPhone book and then did the dishes.  Since I came home there was nothing on but horrible, horrible Ultimate Fighting crap.  

I finished up the Christmas pudding for good order. I had the calories after all, I walked all over Sakata and Tsuruoka today.

When the fighting on TV finished, something else was on.  Apparently, the new year has begun, but things are exactly same here, except someone is drinking beer and eating horrid crunchy things.  

I don’t make New Years resolutions, but I have one that I’d like to make and keep in mind for this time next year.

I wouldn’t have minded if F had gone to the Port restaurant again, but he knows that I’m not going to go there again.  He asked me why today and I told him that every time we go there we fight.  AND HE KNOWS THAT. He asked me how many times and I told him 3 or 4 and that he always yells at me there.  He couldn’t believe it.  Obviously, he is memory impaired.
 (PS…does anyone else think it ironic how I’m in trouble for not going to a restaurant that we always end up fighting in?)

Anyway, I’ll end this now, but this hasn’t been a Happy New Year, and pretty sure it won’t be for some time. Hope yours is better than mine.  I’ll probably be here tomorrow because where else would I be?  Until tomorrow…..


Kentucky Lady said...

Sorry your New Years started off rocky. My son, DI and GS spent 2 days in childrens Hospital.
He's feeling better and home. They had to delay their return to Japan several days. Hope the New Year 2016 is all you wish for, Happy New Year from Kentucky

Helen said...

Thank you.

Sorry about your Grandson. I hope he's fully recovered.

Thank you for writing today.