January 10, 2016

Sunday - Snowy and rainy

An okay day.

I got up late this morning, but then again, we both did.  F didn’t go over to his mother’s, he stayed home.  We didn’t even go out for lunch, we ordered in sushi donburi.  I didn’t really want it, but F was happy, so that was okay.

In the afternoon we thought about doing a lot of stuff, but didn’t do much of anything! We tried going to the Internet Cafe, but it was too busy. We found a little shop that sells handmade goods.  I bought a rubber stamp for stamping and a couple of postcards there.  The postcards were made by an artist and were quite cute. We checked out the Kokusai Mura and I “borrowed” a book there. We visited one of my ex-students in her shop and I bought some dishwashing detergent to try and take some of the stains out of my clothes.  

We had a drink at the mall and F had a big dish on my prepaid card.  The only reason I’m not overly upset about is that it was his money on the card in the first place.  He wanted me to share his salad with him, but I didn’t order it and didn’t see how I could.  At first he was going to get a pizza/bun thing and that would have been shareable.  We thought about having dinner in the nearby hotel but it was too expensive.  

We ended up going to a Chinese Restaurant.  F got his ramen, which he complained about, and I had hoikoro, a vegetable/pork stir-fry with sweet miso.  We shared some gyoza and I had a bit of his vegetable stir-fry.  I won’t say it was great, but it was not bad!

We visited Yamaya for tortillas.  I got some and then picked up a few mixed bottled drinks for myself!  I don’t know when I’ll drink them, but you never know!

We decided to give the Internet Cafe another try and this time were able to get massaging chairs.  Before we got too comfortable, I confirmed with F how long he wanted to stay for, and then got down to my busywork.  Well, when I checked out the TV, sadly, the channels that I like to watch were gone.  No! No more Hannibal, Arrow or Outlander then.  Sigh.  I watched some regular TV and although I did attempt to cast on a project, I didn’t do any more of it than that.  I need a bit of quiet time to start the thing and then I should be able to work it all out.  Hopefully!

When our 3 hours were almost up, I checked with F that he still wanted to go (he did) and we tidied up our booths and left.  

On the way home, F mentioned he was nearly out of gas, so I made him go to the gas station for more.  He is comfortable with driving the car when it has the red light on, I keep reminding him about what would happen if there was another earthquake overnight.  

We came home to a cold apartment, but soon got it warmed up.  We unpacked our stuff and I got down to the important task of watching Downton Abbey.  We just started season 4 on the Japanese network.  

And really, that was about it for my day.  It wasn’t bad, but the weather was.  We are forecast for more snow tomorrow so I am not even sure if we’ll be going out and about.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….


Ryo Hazuki said...

It's too bad this was a so-so day, but glad you had such a great one the day prior =)

By the way Helen, would you have nay way of getting in touch with he blogger who did 'Mid-Japan Crisis'? (http://mid-japan-crisis.blogspot.ca/)

I noticed she commented a few times here...just wondering if you might know how to touch base with her. She was such a great writer and it was too bad her blog went down a few years ago. I still check it now and then in the hopes it's come back.

Helen said...

Thanks! Today was better so please look forward to that entry!

And unfortunately, I don't know how to contact mid-japan-crisis either. I never really found out who she was. (I know a lot of foreign wives in Japan.) I hope that she might come back and leave a message and fill us in on how things are.

I don't even know who is following my blog anymore since Blogger/Google has changed their system :-(

Thank you for commenting.