January 13, 2016

Wednesday - Clear but snow on the ground.

A better day.

I got up this morning at my first alarm and watched my morning telly, ate breakfast and had some tea.  I checked out the internet and got a message from my friend saying she’d be around later and would let me know when she could come.

F visited a couple of times this morning.  The first time he was a tad grumpy, but not too bad.  He left soon, after I offered him some hot water for coffee or tea.  The second time he came by I was dressed for going out and he looked at the calendar and asked if I’d like to go away next month for a couple of days.  I said sure, so he gave me the dates and asked me to find us a hotel somewhere.  

I spent quite a good few minutes looking for hotels.  I assumed that we’d be leaving after F finished work on Friday, so I booked us into a place in Yamagata, and then a nice hotel in Sendai for the Saturday night.  

Around then, my friend arrived and I left with her.  We went to Fireball and had really yummy pasta and great conversations.  The chef in Fireball was playing all David Bowie today and made a special point of telling me that.  I often talk about the music in his restaurant with him so it was nice of him to tell me.  

My friend brought me back to my apartment and we sat in the car and chatted more for a bit, but she had to go.  It was lovely to spend time with her.

I am planning to go to Sendai next month and I had asked one of my friends on the other side of the country if she would like to have lunch with me.  Today I asked her if she’d like to open it up to other ladies in our group and she said yes.  I posted a note to that effect on our Facebook page and have had quite a few positive responses.  I’m glad as there are some new people in our group and it would be nice to get to know each other.  

When F came home tonight he made his daikon dish.  I told him he could use the kitchen first as I still wasn’t hungry.  I think he had something else too and when he was done, I went in the kitchen and heated up my soup.  I had washed the lettuce and tomatoes earlier.  I didn’t cook the bacon, but I had soup, salad and some of his daikon.  Everything was good, but I didn’t need very much to eat.

Also, when I explained to F about the hotels that I had reserved, he told me that he had taken the Friday off.  We didn’t have to leave here late in the evening.  I ended up cancelling most of the hotels, but I changed the reservation of the fancy hotel for two nights!  It’s actually quite reasonable to add on an extra night there. Well, that and I had to downgrade our room type.  Still, I’m sure it’ll be nice!

We had a nice evening basically.  I went over to the couch for a couple of shows and to restart my knitting.  I’m going to try and get that hat done finally.  I did it up a couple of times when F was in the hospital, but I never got it right.  I hope I do this time.  Fingers crossed.  

That’s about it for my day.  It turned out to be quite good.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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