January 14, 2016

Thursday - Snowy

A good day, but sad.

I found out this evening that Alan Rickman died today.  I loved his work and thought that he was wonderful in almost everything that he did.  My favourite part of his was always Hans Gruber in DieHard, but he was fabulous in the Harry Potter series, Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and of course in Galaxy Quest.  The only thing I didn’t like him in was The January Man which was a fairly early, little-seen film he did.  I will miss his fabulous voice and his acting work so much.  

On with my day then.  I got up a bit late again and came through, had tea and breakfast while I read my blog and surfed the net.  Once again, I thought that F might come home for lunch, so I put off my exercise.  I got exercise, but I didn’t do any in the apartment today.

After 1 pm I decided to walk to the nearest bank machine, take out some money and then walk it over to the post office.  I didn’t leave the apartment for a while, but did finally go out.  I walked to the bank machine near the grocery store.  I debated stopping at McDonalds for a treat, but decided not to do that.  I made a quick pit stop at home and then went off to the post office so I could pay for the convention I’m planning to go to in May.  I got it done and then came home again.  

At home, I put on my fake crocs and went upstairs to do the sweeping in our apartment building.  This is our month and I haven’t looked at it yet.  F hadn’t done it this week either, so it was a good thing.  After that, I went back into the apartment.

I had a very late lunch but that was fine. I did the dishes up afterwards too, no biggie.

F came home around 7 pm tonight.  I suggested going to dinner at Gusto. He didn’t want to, but we went there.  We had similar dishes.  I had a cut steak with foie gras and he had a Japanese set dish that was sliced beef and foie gras.  I liked mine, he wasn’t so happy.  

We bought groceries for tomorrow.  I decided that I’m going to make myself some spaghetti tomorrow.  I haven’t done pasta at home for a while.  I also got a small salad for myself, plus the usual yogurt and soy milk.

At home I decided to make us some nachos, since I’d made the guacamole last night.  I grated some Cheddar cheese, layered it and the chips and then baked it in the toaster oven.  F and I had some with salsa and guacamole.  It was good but F said he ate too much.  My meal was smaller so I didn’t have that problem!

I watched Bones and during a break found out about Alan Rickman.  I’ve found out about both David Bowie and Alan Rickman from one friend on Facebook, I might have to stop reading her to stop people dying!

I did a bit more knitting tonight and almost have the ribbing done on my latest hat attempt.  I basically need to get it started so that I can take it places with me.  

And that’s about it for me for today.  I walked a long way today, but it was good to get out of the apartment under my own steam and get things done!  I’m going back to the post office tomorrow to mail some postcards, but I hope to do some things in the apartment too.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Wasn't that sad about Alan Rickman? Especially following on the heels of David Bowie.

Your nachos sound awesome. I love nachos, but I'm like F, I always eat way too much when nachos are on the menu, especially if they have cheese sauce on them (that awful-for-you Velveeta with salsa melted in? Yum!).

Helen said...

My nachos were pretty awesome, if I say so myself! No Velveeta here, so I used grated sharp cheddar cheese sprinkled throughout the chips and baked it in my toaster oven for a few minutes. We had guacamole and salsa on the side.

It was awful about Alan Rickman. I've been a huge fan of his since Die Hard. While I admire Bowie a lot, I wasn't a huge fan of his music. I didn't really get into his work until Labyrinth and the 80's!

I've never seen Velveeta in Japan. Did they have it when you were here?

Thanks for commenting!

Rosa said...

You know, I was in sticker shock over cheese in Japan, so I never even thought to look for Velveeta. (And I only eat it about once every 3 years or so anyway!)

So we did go to see The Hateful Eight and I have to say, I agree with the middling reviews. It's way too long and the violence is ridiculously over the top, but there are a couple of good performances. But on the whole, I should have waited for it to come out on DVD. Well, live and learn!

Helen said...

Thanks for the update re The Hateful Eight. I will probably see it in the theatre if it comes here, but it might not come for a while.

I know, the price of cheese is awful. I've just started buying cheese at Costco and I kind of hoard it! I don't let F have any because he'll not appreciate it that much. I use a cheese planer and cut it really thinly....yum! Since I'm still dieting I can't eat a lot at once anyway.

There is a whole lot more nowadays than there was when I first came. I nearly died when I looked for cheese 18 years ago...there wasn't any "real" cheese, just processed stuff. Now I can get some in my local grocery shops and some of the import shops in the bigger cities.