January 15, 2016

Friday - Snowy

An okay day.

I got up just before 9 this morning and went to my place on the couch.  I made some tea and had breakfast while I watched my TV shows.  After that, I made the bed and got dressed in my workout clothes.  

I tried the DVD player again, but it stopped halfway through the first segment, so I took out the DVD and then went back to Youtube.  I did a medium Leslie workout because I knew I’d be out later on.  

I had my lunch fairly early, I finished up my gorgeous soup.  F was such an idiot for not having any.  I had some salad with it too.  I took a shower and watched a little taped TV while I scanned my cards to send out today.

Around 5 I made a quick run to the post office.  I just made the mail too, the pickup guy was parked in front of the mailbox when I dropped my postcards in.  Yes!  I even heard him open up the box and take them out afterwards.

I walked home, keeping an eye out for the crows.  The trees were white tonight, and with the crows sitting in them and on the electric lines nearby, it was a spooky sight.  

When I got home I grabbed a shovel and cleared out F’s space, and cleared a bit of snow from in front of the apartment building’s door.  

F came home fairly early tonight and was exhausted.  He’d had to shovel snow at work.  He made his dinner and then ate it, then I did mine.  I think he had ramen.  I had pasta with carbonara sauce, some bacon, salad and tomatoes and it was great!  I did my clean up and then went to my computer for a while.  I watched Castle and did a bit of my hat knitting. After Castle I made more nachos and F had a few with me until he fell asleep.  

He went to bed quite early and has been there ever since. I watched a bit more TV, but I’m a bit tired too and would like to get to bed early for a change!

I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to, I do hope that we’ll see a movie as there are 3 movies on offer this weekend, but I’m not sure at the moment.  It depends on how F feels.  Come back and read me again a bit later…until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I love the crows in Japan. I know it sounds strange, but it always seemed to me like crows had a whole different culture from the Japanese.

We're thinking of going to see The Hateful Eight this weekend, but I'm always skeptical about Quentin Tarantino's movies. And three hours is a big chunk of time to be sitting in the theater!

Helen said...

I think the crows here do have a different culture, unfortunately, I think they have a Hitchcockian culture so I like to stay away from them! Besides, I just finished watching Zoo...a series where the animals are fighting against Man!

The Hateful Eight has been getting some negative reviews. Tarantino is always misogynistic at the best of times, I hear it is quite bad for that here. I like Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh so I might go for it, but I'm not sure I want to take my hubby along! I usually like Tarantino, but I'm a bit more leery of this one.

I'll be interested to know what you think of it. It won't open here for a few months I think.

Thanks again for commenting :-)