January 16, 2016

Saturday - Snow, but mostly clear

A good day

I got up this morning and got up.  I turned on the heater and had some tea while I checked my email.  After a bit, I started to feel a bit ill, so I went back to bed.  F came home about 20 minutes later and found me in bed.  Despite me asking him how he was, he didn’t ask me anything at all.  

I dragged myself out of bed a bit later and we went for lunch.  I had suggested the Daiichi Hotel, so off we went.  Neither of us felt moved to go to the usual place, so we ended up at the Japanese restaurant on the 9th floor.  It was quite nice, and the view was great!

The daytime view from the Teppanyaki room

My yummy lunch.  An Omelette in special sauce, miso soup, shu mei, onion and a few Japanese vegetables, plus rice.
After lunch we had a quick whip around the hundred yen shop and then went to Doutor for a drink.  After we finished there, we came home for a few minutes to pick up our dry cleaning. 

We took it to a local place.  I was a bit annoyed.  F took in a suit and I took in an older dress.  My dress cost more than his jacket and my dress was terribly simple!  

When we finished at the cleaners, we drove out to Mikawa.  We spent a bit of time shopping.  F got a new tie, and he bought me a pair of gloves.  I also tried on and then bought a pair of jean-like leggings.  They had a fleecy lining in them, so I was thinking they’d be warm for winter.  I tried them on and they fit me!  Woot.  F got them for me, which was nice of him.

We had dinner in the pasta restaurant.  It was nice, but not spectacular.  Since we had oodles of time before our movie, I rattled off a few suggestions of what we could do.  F picked up on the one where I suggested going to the Amusement Centre and wasting some time. We killed a little time and it didn’t cost that much so I suppose it is okay.  I don’t want to do it every week though.

After that, we went to see Paddington. Yes, I said Paddington! It was fun.  I was really surprised that they had a late show of it in English, but there it was.  There were about 10 people in the theatre.  We both enjoyed it, and I laughed out loud a lot.

We came back to Tsuruoka and home.  I put on Morse and then Project Runway.  It’s the start of another season.  It looks like they have changed things up a bit, but I think it is a good thing, at least so far.  

And that’s about it. I’m still watching Morse and enjoying it, but really we both need to get some sleep.  And it is a cold night tonight.  Brr.  It was a good day over all, and once I ate, I felt better.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, but the Cod Soup Festival is on in town and F wants to go.  Err…. Got to go.  Until tomorrow….

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