January 17, 2016

Sunday - Cool and clear

A good day.

I slept in this morning, but dragged myself out of bed just after my first alarm.  F and I vegged for a while before deciding what to do.  He wanted to go to the “Cod Soup Festival” on Ginza-Dori.  I wasn’t interested in the soup, but I was interested in keeping him happy, so I went too.

We drove off and found a parking space.  Then we drove off to the street.  F basically had the first type of Cod Soup that he saw.  After he ate that, we walked along the street.  We really didn’t see anyone we knew and we didn’t have any other types of food.  I tried to get F interested in some, but the only things he was interested in were things I didn’t want.  We ended up getting some chicken that was flavoured like bacon and I had that.  It wasn’t great.  

On the way back to the car we stopped into Cafe Cinq to have lunch.  Well, I did.  F had a caffe latte and I had lunch.  Which was very good!

We came home for a bit in the afternoon and had some tea.  We decided to go to the late show at the Machi-Kinema tonight, so we had dinner around 7:00.  F wanted Nagomi, the soba and udon shop and it was fine with me.  I had niku-udon, F had 100% soba and complained about it so pretty much as usual then.  We bought our groceries afterwards.  I am going to make tacos for me tomorrow and then on Tuesday I’ll have the leftovers as taco salad.  I have no idea what F is going to have.  I’m still quite upset by this whole “I won’t eat your cooking” crap, so I have decided to have nice and yummy food.  If I can’t please him, I must please myself!

We put away the groceries and then vegged for a bit.  We finally left and drove to the theatre to see Woman In Gold with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.  It was quite good.  Sadly for me, there was a lot of the film in German and it wasn’t subtitled in English.  I managed to follow along, but I think I missed a few things.  I was quite happy that it had Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, Heartland) in a fairly big role.  

We came home after the movie and I watched Downton Abbey.  It was quite good tonight and seems to be setting up for the big thing with Anna which I know because the Internet spoils everything.  

And that’s about it for today.  It was nice to have a weekend where I didn’t fight with my husband.  I do hope that he doesn’t have to spend all day shovelling snow tomorrow.  That always puts him in a bad mood.  Anyway, return later and I’ll update you on my next day.  Until tomorrow….

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