January 18, 2016

Monday - Snowy, rainy, and now thundery

A good day.

I got up right on time this morning, watched my show and made some tea for myself.  This morning  I allowed myself to have some new tea with breakfast.  

I did a workout and F didn’t come home for lunch.  I’m quite happy about that.  I did intervals and I was actually jogging in place.  I can’t remember the last time I have voluntarily jogged anywhere!

After my workout, I decided to go through my tea box and sort it out.  I have such a lot of stuff in there.  I had teas that I hadn’t opened, I had tea from other countries that I bought or had given to me…such a lot.  I probably have twenty different types and that is a conservative estimate.  I threw out some really outdated stuff and opened some of the older stuff that was outdated to see if it was worth keeping.  One was, one wasn’t.  I must go on a tea diet for a while!

In the afternoon I did some computer stuff and then I took a shower.  After that, I had a very, very late lunch. 

I did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen a tad.  It looked much better when I was done.  

F came home and immediately headed into the kitchen to make his daikon.  He didn’t even change out of his work uniform.  Don’t understand that at all.  

He cooked and then ate, and then cleaned up.  Then it was my turn. Tonight I made myself tacos, except I had them in tortillas.  I had to use the pork and beef blend ground meat they have here, but they were still quite good. I had strained some yogurt to use as sour cream and that was nice, plus a bit of salsa, lettuce and cheese.  

F was in a reasonably good mood tonight and when I asked/told him my show was on, gave up the TV.  Yay.  

I did 3 postcrossings tonight and played a game on my phone.  There were lots of other things I should probably have done though, but didn’t.  

No idea what I’m going to get up to tomorrow.  I’d like to tackle another part of the kitchen shelves if I have time, or wash a dress that I wore lately.  So many choices!

Come back a bit later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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