January 2, 2016

Saturday - Clear and cold, rainy later on

A good day!

Apologies for the message of doom from Thursday.  It really was a horrible day and continued for much of Friday too.  

We did eat lunch together on Friday, F had ordered sushi in as we’d decided together to do a few days earlier.  We ate, but didn’t talk to each other.  F went to bed for several hours and I stayed up and watched TV.  

In the late afternoon, F seemed in a bad way so I asked how he was.  Things got friendlier after that.  Around 7:00pm F asked if I’d like to go to Costco.  He suggested going to Yamagata on Friday night and staying over, then going to Costco on Saturday morning.  That is more or less what we decided to do.  I made a hotel reservation, and we zoomed to Yamagata.

We stayed in The Castle Hotel, went to an izakaya for a couple of drinks and  celebrated the New Year a day late.  We had a good night at the hotel.

This morning we got up and I took a shower.  We had breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Costco.  We got a bit of stuff, but actually didn’t spend as much as either of us thought we would.  We got a pack of pork roasts, a couple of bags of bagels, a whole lot of toilet paper, some avocados, some hand cream, and a couple of other things.  It was crowded and F kept being silly.  He’d tell me to be careful when people almost crashed into me with their carts, so I made him drive the cart!

A few things were added after this picture, but I also took back the Vaseline hand cream and added another brand instead.  

We had a light lunch/snack at Costco too.  I tried a Chicken Bake for lunch and it was okay.  F had a hotdog that was pretty good.  I might have that next time.

We made a quick stop at the Aeon Mall in Yamagata.  We didn’t buy much, just a few things at Kaldi Farms.  

We drove home, not on the highway so it took a little longer.  It was okay though.  We stopped in Cherryland and had ice cream.  F had wasabi and rice flavoured ice cream, I had wasabi and kinako (roasted soy flour) flavoured.  They were all quite nice.  The wasabi was surprisingly good. It was strong though! 

At home, we put away the stuff we bought, or tried to.  I separated the roast and froze two, put away most of the bagels and then F and I had dinner. We had bought a rotisserie chicken, so had some of that, plus a bagel and spinach salad with our meal.  It was all quite nice.

We had a quiet evening.  F watched the Night at the Museum Movies, which weren’t great, but had moments.  I watched a couple of Miss Marples and then some Agents of Shield.  

F made us some soba later on.  I knew that he probably would do that today since we hadn’t had any on New Year’s Day.  It was quite nice.

So, we’re talking again, which is good.  However, I don’t really think I have forgiven him yet.  It surprises me that after being married as long as we have that he doesn’t really seem to know me. I keep hoping he’ll change, but he doesn’t.  

Anyway, one more day together and then F is back at work. Wish me luck!  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow night.  Until tomorrow….

(Updated because my computer changed kinako to kink and I don't know what flavour that might be!!)

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