January 21, 2016

Thursday - Snowy

A good day.

I overslept a few minutes today, mostly because I woke up early this morning.  I finally got up, watched my show and made myself some oatmeal for my breakfast.  It was really good and I enjoyed it a lot.  

I did a bit of laundry and was honestly, just going to set my phone to log my workout, when F called to say he was on the way home.  Huh?  He’d told me last night he wouldn’t come home.  It wasn’t a big deal, I just postponed my workout, but I sort of feel like he always does this! Since I have been swearing to do it for a while, I washed my fancy black dress from the Christmas Dinner we went to.  I had to do it by hand and lay it flat to dry, so I had it in the shower most of the day as it dripped too much for the drying room!

I did a short workout after F left and swore that I’d go out and do some snow shovelling since it looked so snowy outside.  

I had lunch and then went outside to move some snow.  There was a bit in our parking space, but It was quite packed down, so was hard to budge.  I did what I could, but after 15 minutes, the snow started coming down again and covering what I’d just cleared, so I gave up and went inside!

After a little time catching up on my computer, I got started on dinner.  Since veggie prep is something that I am very slow at, I started that first, I cut up all the vegetables, then finally the chicken.  I got the meat browned and then added the other vegetables and the seasoning mix….let it bubble away for a while.  Then, I did the dishes.  

The stew was nearly ready when F called.  He told me that he had problems with the car, something had broken underneath, so he was going to take it to the car dealership to see if they could fix it tonight.  Good thing I made a stew that could sit on the stove for a little while! 

He finally came home around 8.  I got the stew boiling again and put the frozen peas into it.  I had asked him to bring salad earlier, thinking of course of lettuce, but what I got was a tuna mayo thing and a gobo salad.  I quite liked the gobo salad, so that was a good choice, but the tuna mayo thing wasn’t a favourite!  F had rice with his stew, I had salad and it was really good!  F liked it and didn’t even notice that there was celery in it.  He was very suspicious when I bought it, but didn’t seem to mind it.

I knew that F was tuckered out from his day of snow-shovelling, so I did the dishes.  There weren’t that many anyway as I had cleaned up after cooking.  

We settled in for a quiet evening.  I watched Bones and then The Affair and finally Nurse Jackie.  That show is constantly amazing.  I’ll miss it when it finishes. 

And basically, that was my day.  I did a bit of knitting during Bones, but not a lot.  I got the plastic garbage ready to go out in the morning.  Little jobs that need to be done, but aren’t any big deal!

Come back later on and I’ll tell you about my next day!  Until tomorrow…. 

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