January 24, 2016

Sunday - Snowy

A goodish day.

This morning I got to sleep in until quite late.  F was out with his mother and discussing things with his sister.  I got up, had a lovely cup of tea, and worked on my cull of my women’s group that I needed to do.  I got a lot done before F came home.  He didn’t get home until after 2 pm.

I had had a snack, but I wanted something real to eat, so I suggested going to Subway in the mall.  I could have a sandwich and F could have something  if he wanted.  That’s what we did.  I had a Cajun Chicken sandwich.  It was supposed to be spicy, but I didn’t think it was.  It was okay, not my favourite though.  I had a drink and the oven fries there too.  F went to the bakery and got a couple of breads that looked yummy.

After lunch, we went to the grocery store and then left to pick something up at home.  We next went to the place where I got my glasses and I had my glasses frames tightened and also made to fit a bit better.  My usual home glasses keep sliding down my nose.  I also got a birthday present of 3 new cleaning cloths for my specs.  I gave one to F and kept the others.  

After we finished there, we went to the electronics shop and got some batteries for our electronics.  My emergency flashlight’s batteries had worn out, and I didn’t have new ones. F complained a bit, he’d been in the store twice already today!  He’d had to get something for his mother.  We took the time to wander around and looked at some cooking equipment.  I saw a couple of things that I’m interested in, but since I don’t know what they do, I can’t really get too excited yet!

We followed that up with dinner.  I have been thinking about yakiniku for the last few days and told F that.  I had good timing as our favourite yakiniku restaurant is close to the electric shop.  We went there for dinner and had a feast.  As usual, F ordered too big of a main dish, but I ordered too many small dishes.  We had yakiniku plus tamago soup and namul, the Korean pickled vegetables.  They were yummy.  

We bought a few groceries.  F will go to work tomorrow, but will be off on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the funeral, so I don’t know about cooking then.  I have lots to do tomorrow so don’t want to do a complicated meal.  I thought about pasta and we’ll have it with some shrimp and a salad.  Simple.  

We came home and at 9 pm I had a telephone get-together with other Tohoku ladies.  It was fun actually, even though we had a few snags!

I watched Downton Abbey and it was great as usual, except for Anna.  Poor Anna.  Maggie Smith is so wonderful in this show.  Why isn’t she in every show? 

And, that was my day.  It turned out okay.  We have a ton of snow outside and more is forecast.  I’m a bit worried that F will be a grouchy bear when he comes home from work, but I hope he’ll be okay.  Come back a bit later if you have time and I’ll tell you all about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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