January 25, 2016

Monday - Snowy

Happy Robert Burns Day!

A good day.

I got up a few minutes late this morning, but I didn’t mind.  I had woken up early and then went back to sleep so it was bound to happen.  I had tea and breakfast, watched a bit of Mistresses, which wasn’t very good, and then read a few things on my computer.

I decided to start my workout early today, so I got dressed in my gear* and pushed back the couch.  I did a couple of Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube and enjoyed myself.  F didn’t come home for lunch today.

After my workout I got stuck in to my women’s group cull.  I sent emails to people and told them I was going to cut them off as of Friday.  Then, I did some of my groups on Facebook and Linked In too.  I was quite busy really, but it went well and I was quite organized today.  

When I finished, I took a shower, then came back and had lunch.  After lunch, it was quite late by then, so I changed into outside clothes and went and pushed some snow out of the way of F’s car.  I cleared out his parking space, then I checked the roadway too.  I came back in and started getting the kitchen ready for dinner.  I washed lunch dishes and cleared off and set the table.  

F came home around 7 tonight and I got dinner done quite quickly.  He turned on the TV and there was an old black and white Japanese movie that he seemed really into.  I asked him if he’d like to have his dinner on the coffee table and he said he would.  It was fine really.  I wasn’t interested in the movie and it wasn’t fair to make him turn off the TV just because it was dinner time.  Tonight we had pasta with our own choice of sauces (from packets) plus salad and sauteed garlic shrimp that got rave reviews.  It was quite nice, even if I say so.  

I did the dishes after dinner and then we settled in for a bit.  His show was over, so I watched Gossip Girl and did a few Postcrossings.  He got ready for tomorrow and did some laundry.

He’s still up, snoozing on the couch.  I’m not really sure what he’s going to be doing tomorrow and how much I’ll see of him.  Thankfully, I’m not expected to participate in this funeral.  I still haven’t been to one yet in Japan.  

So, come back in a bit and see what my Tuesday is like.  Until tomorrow….

*My workout gear is rather funny to be honest.  I have a pair of ¾ length pants that I bought in Guam two years ago.  They are miles too big for me now, so I use suspenders to hold them up.  I have a nice workout T-Shirt that I wear with them.  I feel a bit like a circus performer and that I should have a big red nose, but the pants have pockets so I can keep my iPhone in them when I walk.  My real classy workout gear that I bought in Canada last year doesn’t have any pockets.  I do have an armband holder for my iPhone, but I prefer to keep it in my pocket!

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