February 1, 2016

Monday - Clear and sunny

A quiet day at home, mostly.

I got up early, came to the couch and had breakfast and tea, watched some TV, did a short workout until F came home.  I scanned my postcrossing cards and late in the day ran them to the post office.  It was after 5 pm and still a little light out.  How lovely!

In the afternoon I did some laundry and also took a shower, I had lunch and ended up watching a Simon Pegg movie that I had no idea about.  I meant to watch the news, but got sucked in to the film!

After I came back from the post office I actually vacuumed a bit.  The apartment really needed it!  

This evening I finished up my packing and then watched Gossip Girl, because I love it!  Along the way, I cooked dinner and it was quite nice.  We had garlic pork, and reheated sweet potato with salad.  F contributed some of the things he had bought at lunchtime, and we were both pleased.  

And now, I must go.  Although I could blog on my phone, I probably won’t.  Please don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back either Sunday or Monday.  Until later then….

PS...Here is a quick look at my finished scarf.  I love it!
This is the Ascot Neck Scarf Pattern by Lindsay Haynie

With hat

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