February 13, 2016

Saturday - Clear and then rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning before 9 am which for a Saturday was amazing!  I don’t usually do that at all.  I showered and then had some breakfast and tea.  F was still out either at his mother’s or his doctors.  I knew he’d be home by 10:30.  10:30 came and went.  10:45 came and went.  I finally texted him.  He was on his way home, but there was a bit of a traffic jam since there was an accident somewhere.  He arrived home at 10:50, I was outside waiting for him and we went off to the doctor’s office.  We were a tad late, but were made to wait more than an hour to get my results.  I won’t go into it, but basically the results were about what I thought.  I’ll be going back for more information.  (Please don’t worry about me.  I’m not dying, I haven’t got anything immediately life-threatening and that’s all I’m going to say about it for now.)

We went for lunch.  We first wanted to go to the Komagihara buffet, but got there and discovered that it has closed.  I’m not sure if they’ll ever bring it back or not.  I got the feeling that the vegetable area was closed too, although I can’t swear to it.  Maybe a temporary thing since they were doing some renovations inside? We ended up at a Chinese Restaurant that we’ve gone to a couple of times.  They have ramen and other food too, so I had a vegetable stir-fry set, and F had ramen.  I gave him half of my rice and he ate all my green pepper!

We didn’t have time to go back home for me to brush my teeth so we went straight to the dentist’s office.  I got there and brushed my teeth, since I had brought my toothbrush along.  I had a cleaning done, but the dentist wants to do some other work on me, so that’s going to happen in a couple of weeks.  

We went for tea to Doutors after the dentist’s office.  We also did a little hack around the mall.  I bought some white wine for cooking, and got some coconut stuff at the hundred yen shop.  I need to make something with it! After a few minutes of shopping we drove to the drugstore and picked up some cleaning supplies.  From there we went home.

We spent a bit of time at home before going out again for dinner.  Tonight we had okonomiyaki at Aki and it was good!  F’s was really good, he had cheese and kimchi, I had shrimp.  We both enjoyed them and shared with each other. We had some gyoza too.  They have good gyoza there.  

Next up was the theatre.  We went to see The Martian and both really enjoyed it.  I loved all the disco music but mostly was happy that all the people in the movie were intelligent!  There were no stupid people in the film.  Also, no car chases or guns!  How often does that happen? I like Matt Damon a lot as an actor.  

We came home after the movie and vegged a bit.  F went to bed a while ago and I am starting to feel a bit tired again, so should be off too. I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow, I think it depends how F and I feel or the weather.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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