February 16, 2016

Tuesday - Snowy, cold, clearing

A good day.

I got up quite early this morning and had some quality couch time.  I had my usual breakfast and tea but I did my workout early for a change.  I decided not to watch the 10:30 drama and did my walking then.  It was a good move and it was nice to have it done early too.

F came home for lunch today. I’m not sure why he does.  He makes himself cup noodles and other not very healthy things and then has to hurry back to work.  Still, it was nice to see him for a bit.  I watched a bit of The Grammys too.  I was sad that Elle King didn’t win as I like her music.  

In the afternoon I had an earlyish lunch (for me) and then did some computer stuff.  I watched some DVR’d tv to clear it off the machine and then scanned my cards.  I was a little late doing them, and didn’t finish until after 5 pm, but I took them off to the post office anyway.  F called me when I was on the way back and had to go to his house and run some errands for his mother first.

When I got home I did the day’s dishes up and then got a head start on dinner.  I made guacamole and then grated some cheese for the nachos.  I got the nachos ready to go in the toaster oven and had just sat down to rest when F came home.  I was able to get things on the coffee table fairly quickly.

Tonight we watched The King and I which was kind of cool.  I had seen it before of course, but it was interesting seeing how much movies have changed since it was made.  

We enjoyed our nachos and I even made a smaller second batch.  Most of the guacamole and the salsa I put out disappeared. 

At 10 I went over to the couch and did a bit of knitting.  I just put in my second lifeline, I really hope this thing works!  If I have to frog this again I’ll probably just toss the yarn.  Or something.

And that was my day more or less.  I’m up too late as usual, but will try and get to bed soon.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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