February 18, 2016

Thursday - Clear and sunny

A pretty good day.

I got up this morning just before 9 am.  I came through to the couch and watched The X-Files and made breakfast and tea for myself.  After that, I kind of fell asleep. I didn’t really wake up until quite late.  When I did rouse myself I got up and got dressed.  I did a short workout too.  Today I actually wore shoes while I did it.  It meant I wasn’t slipping around on my sidesteps, but I did make quite a bit more noise.  

I did some computer stuff and watched some old stuff off the DVR, then had a lovely lunch.  I made myself a bacon and guacamole sandwich, with a touch of salsa.  It was good!

I scanned my cards after that, and after 5 pm again, ran them off to the post office.  The weird thing is that I almost did literally run them to the post office.  Since my walk was so fast I thought I might as well try to jog a little.  I didn’t do very much, but I can’t really say I have intentionally tried to run in years!  I also wore an old pair of jeans on the walk. They looked okay and felt good, as long as I was vertical.  When I sat down, the tummy on them was a bit uncomfortable! They are the old kind of jeans, ones without any stretch in them.  

When I came home, I got the kitchen ready for F to make the nabe.  I did the dishes, and even set the table a bit for him.  He was home a bit later and changed and then put dinner together.  He made a nabe and it was good.  We bought the soup tonight. In all honesty, the nabe smelled quite bad when it was cooking, but it tasted good.  We had a couple of bowls of nabe and then I got out dessert.  We each had a container of peach yogurt with a slice of fruit cake shared between us.  It was good.

I did the dishes, which didn’t take long and then settled in at my computer for a bit.  I wrote a couple of postcard blog entries and then asked for a postcrossing card. I went over to the couch for Bones and knitted a bit of my hat.  

In the rest of the evening, I wrote my cards and got them ready to send out.  After that I blogged, watched a bit more TV and ate a piece of Valentine’s Day chocolate from my husband.  Yum!

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’ll get up to. Come back a bit later and find out.  Until tomorrow!


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Thanks so much for the postcard. It arrived yesterday. So cute!

Helen said...

Oh good! I'm glad it arrived! They are fun to receive, aren't they?

Thanks for letting me know!