February 22, 2016

Monday - Clear

A good day.

I got up a couple of minutes late this morning because I heard someone in the kitchen.  My alarms were blaring too, that might have had something to do with it!  F had come home especially to take the bread out of the bread maker….I do not know why! He’d also filled up the kerosene tank in the heater which was very sweet of him.  I was a tad grumpy however!  I wasn’t ready to see him yet.

He went back to work and I stayed up.  I made some oatmeal this morning and put some of the leftover coconut milk in it.  It was good!  I didn’t realize how high calorie that stuff is until I logged it though.  Yikes.  I had tea as well and watched a very creepy X-Files with ex Dr. Romano from ER.  

I was late getting myself motivated this morning and so I had just psyched myself into my workout when F called to say he was coming home.  I put off my workout.  I put on the kettle for him though.  He came home and had lunch.  He’d brought himself a bento, and was back off to work fairly soon after.

I did a two mile workout today and it felt good to be moving again.  I enjoyed it. 

I had a shower and did some computer stuff before 5 pm.  F phoned a bit after and said he was on his way to his mother’s and would be home soon.  I sprang into action.  I got the kitchen ready for dinner, did some dishes and started on dinner.  

I decided to make Hasselback potatoes tonight, since I wasn’t cooking the entree.  They weren’t very difficult, but did look very nice when done.  F was late, so they were in the oven a little longer than they should have been so lost the crispness that I heard they should have.  Sigh.  F said he’d be home soon and he wasn’t.  

We had a pretty good dinner tonight.  Smoked salmon (from Costco), broccoli (from Costco) stir-fried with a bit of garlic, a little leftover spinach stir-fried and a baby leaf salad.  It was all quite yummy.  We’re going to have more salmon tomorrow night too as we haven’t finished the fish yet.  It is so good!

F did the dishes and then vegged out for the night.  I worked on research for my column and think I have finally landed on a topic.  F started telling me that he didn’t feel well and told me he’d take tomorrow off work three times.  I hope he’s okay, but he said he was dizzy.  He’s off to bed now.

So, I have no idea what tomorrow will be like.  If F does take tomorrow off work, I’ll likely have him underfoot for most of the day.  If he doesn’t, then I might be able to get a little work done.  

Come back later on and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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