February 27, 2016

Saturday - Snowy

A good day. I got up later than I planned this morning, but before F came back from the doctor’s office.  I got dressed, had some tea, made the bed.  No big deal.

When F came home I suggested going to his favourite farmer’s restaurant for lunch.  We did, and had a nice lunch.  I had pork and fish and enjoyed them both.  

After lunch, we came home for a few minutes and then went out to my dentist.  She fixed a couple of my front teeth that have become chipped. It didn’t hurt at all, which was nice.  I have to go back in a few weeks.  

When F and I came out into the lobby to pay, we saw one of my ex-students.  One of my ex-students that I didn’t like and have been avoiding for the last 10 years!  Argh.  I couldn’t pretend that I hadn’t seen him, and I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t know who he was.  Gah.  We chatted a bit and it was okay, but I really, really didn’t want to run into him.  He was trying to get me to teach his daughter, but I have no interest in doing that.

After we left and got in the car I let out a few choice words and then we went off to get my new glasses.  We spent a bit of time at the glasses shop and the clerk helped me choose a glasses case and also fitted my glasses for me. Yay.

On the way home, we stopped at the craft shop.  I drooled over wool, but didn’t buy any.  We bought a few things that were on sale, but after that just came home for a bit.

We left the apartment around 6 and went to the tonkatsu restaurant.  We had to wait a while, but got in earlier than some people because we would sit at the counter and they wouldn’t. We had quite a yummy meal.

We went off to the movie theatre after dinner.  F wanted to see He Called Me Malala and I didn’t mind.  We went, bought our tickets and F got our popcorn and drinks.  I warned him to be careful of walking to the theatre with them because he does trip from time to time.  He made it to our seats with no problem.  However, five minutes into the movie, he promptly dropped his popcorn on the floor! I did offer to share mine, but he didn’t take very much. 

The movie was okay by the way.  I think everyone says it is good because if you don’t, you are “against” Malala.  I’m not, I think she’s cool, but the documentary wasn’t brilliant or anything.  

We picked up some kerosene after the movie and then a few groceries at the store.  We came home and had quiet time until F turned on the TV.  I watched Project Runway, which was on very, very late this time.  We’re now watching a show on Hollywood but will be going to bed soon.  It’s terribly late now.

That’s it for me for tonight.  Not sure what I’ll get up to on Sunday, be sure to come back later and find out.  Oh, and do you want to see my new glasses?  I’ll try and get a good picture of them soon.  Talk to you in a bit.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts about the Malala movie. I wanted to take Joe there to "educate" him. But recently he hasn't wanted to see movies. (Prefers something more active.) So I didn't push it.
I wondered if we were missing out. Now that I hear your opinion, I feel better about not seeing. I'd still like to see it......but oh well! Not seeing it saves me a bundle of money! LOL

Ryo Hazuki said...

"The End of the Walk is ahead. Please watch your step."

Just saw this on the old site....so nostalgic :)

Helen said...

Ryo Hazuki.....Thank you! I wrote most of those last year when I was revamping that page and it's one of my favourites too. I'm also glad to hear that someone is clicking through to the old site. I never know if I should keep that going or not.

WespeakJapaneseandEnglish--I'm not sure if he'd enjoy the film or not. It's mostly about Malala and father...there's a bit about her brothers that is quite funny. They are characters. She's great, but I'm not sure that it is a film that a boy would really like anyway. My husband did, but he's into stories like hers. If Joe likes reading, you might want to try a bit of her book...but I haven't read it.

Ryo Hazuki said...

Oh please, please do keep the old one going. It's such a pleasure to read your entries all the way back to 2000. There's just no other place on the internet one can read a blog updated nearly every single day that gives one a window on Japan from that time (so different in many ways!) to today, with the added flavour of your own personal experiences.

Honestly, your archives are a treasure. For me it's such a warm trove of easy and nostalgic writing and I think I really can't be the only one and it really, really would be such a loss for it to go away.

Thank you so much for it!

Helen said...

Thank you very much Ryo! I enjoy reading through my old entries too. I read through the old ones most days of the year, so I spend a lot time here!

Such nice things to hear :-)