February 29, 2016

Monday - Cold and rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning around 9 am.  F already was up and had taken out some garbage and taken the bread out of the bread maker.  I hope he washed his hands at some point in between those! I made some tea and got my breakfast sorted out while I watched the Pre-Oscar show.  As usual I winced a lot when the Japanese reporters made dumb mistakes or asked inappropriate questions.  

The whole show got underway around 10:30 am our time and was okay.  Chris Rock was a good host, but the awards themselves were sort of blah.  There wasn’t a lot of controversy, everyone seemed on their best behaviour and almost everyone looked fairly good!  Ironically, the woman who won for Costume Design was the worst dressed person there…and only because she dressed very casually.  Even Jared Leto looked clean and tidy this year.  

Best points of the Academy Awards this year for me?  Hmm.  Lady Gaga singing “Til It Happens to You”…I got goosebumps, really. The opening monologue with Chris Rock was very funny.  The Memorial section was quite badly done…too fast and the song was by Dave Groh.  Last year wasn’t it P!nk?  She was amazing.  Oh, and Sam Smith winning for the Bond Theme.  Not a great song at all.

I did get to riff with my friends in Canada that watch the Academy Awards but there really wasn’t anything to complain about this year, which made the whole thing a bit boring!

When the thing was over, F and I had some of his bread toasted and then went out.  We went out first to a coffee shop I’d read about.  When we got there we discovered that they didn’t have tea.  Yikes.  I had a mango smoothie and F had a bowl of Hawaiian ramen.  I told him to remember before he ate it that it wasn’t RAMEN…it was noodles from somewhere else.  He actually said it was okay.  I nearly fainted from disbelief.  Yes, did I mention, this little place is a Hawaiian cafe.  They have things like SPAM sushi and loco-moco.  

We didn’t want to go and have a meal yet, plus it was too early, so we went to Yamaya and the second hand shop next to it.  I got a plastic pasta cooker, so I can cook pasta in the microwave.  I might not use it all the time, but it’ll be nice to have.  

We tried to go to a restaurant that F read about, but they only had noodles at that time.  They do a lot of deliveries and didn’t have time to cook other things.  No thanks.  We left and ended up at Futaba.

Ironically, I ended up having noodles…pasta…with bacon and mushrooms, while F had fish.  Futaba doesn’t have “meals” at night, they are more like an izakaya, so I just had pasta.  F had fish and rice and soup so his was more like a meal.  

F asked if after our dinner we could go to the Internet Cafe and I said it was okay.  I didn’t have to be home.

We tried out the Internet Cafe and were able to get a massaging chair each.  For a change, I didn’t try and do craftwork because I didn’t have any with me.  I did a little reading on my book on my phone, and also watched some TV.  I even dozed off at one point.  

At 10:40 we left and came home.  We’ve had a quiet night in ever since.  F is once again snoozing on the couch. He snoozed there all through the Oscars this morning so has slept a lot today.  Tomorrow he is off as well, so we have a couple of things planned, if the weather co-operates.  It isn’t supposed to be nice at all tomorrow.

Well, that’s it.  My day.  It wasn’t bad.  Even the Fire Alarm Inspection went off okay today.  I let F handle it, and they even brought a woman with them this time.  I told F that I dislike having two strange men in my apartment when I’m alone.  I know they are working, but I don’t know them.  

Tune in a bit later and check out my Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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