March 1, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and snowy, cold.

An okay day. 

I got up this morning to an empty apartment.  I tried very hard to warm up the joint by turning on the heater.  I watched The X-Files and put on the kettle, but I was freezing.  The show ended before the kettle boiled, so I turned it off and headed back to bed. I felt really tired too.  I slept for ages.  I did wake up when F came home, but I didn’t get up until 12ish.  Yikes.

When I did get up I made some tea and had my breakfast.  We talked about going out and decided that we’d go to S-Mall first and I’d go to Subway and F would go for ramen upstairs.  We did that!

I had a BLT at Subway and it was great.  Just what I wanted.  F said his ramen was okay too.  Yay.

We drove out to the mall at Mikawa.  First we did a little shopping.  I went and had a look at the clothing department.  There were some okay clothes there.  I’m looking for my friend’s birthday present you see.  We even looked at bras for me, but they didn’t have my size.  I have decided to look when we got to Niigata later in the month. I found my size in the Aeon Mall in Sendai, so hopefully the one in Niigata will have it too.

We looked at the craft shop and I broke my pledge not to buy yarn. However, I have a project in mind for the yarn and I don’t have anything like it in my stash, so I think it is okay.  I hope.  F bought me a new umbrella in another section of the store.  It is supposed to be one that won’t blow out easily.  It was expensive, so I’m hoping that it works.

We had a drink at Mister Donut and discovered they have a new drink, Royal Milk Tea. I had it today and it was great.  It’s also has free refills and is unsweetened, so bonus points for them.  We did have a doughnut each too, oh well.  I walked around the mall a lot!

We had dinner in the mall too, after F took our purchases to the car.  He asked for the Japanese restaurant and I was okay with that.  I’d had pasta the night before.  I had dried salmon flakes on rice with a little ikura, he had fried oysters.  The meal was fine actually. We stayed quite a while in the restaurant, so had to hurry to run up to the theatre.

We went to see The Finest Hours today in 3D.  We both really enjoyed it.  It was based on a true story and was quite exciting.  They shoe-horned a love story in it, which they really didn’t need to, but probably wanted to have some kind of romantic conflict going on.  I liked it, and would probably watch it again when it comes on TV.  

After the movie we drove back to Tsuruoka.  We picked up some groceries for the next 3 dinners at home. I’m going to do three quite different meals each night.  Yum.

We came home and I registered a Postcrossing and then watched a bit of TV.  F snoozed on the couch for a bit, but also set up the bread maker for tomorrow.  He’s back to work and I don’t think he wants to go.  

That’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I might see about starting my new project, or I might do a mountain of laundry, since it’s been a while.  I also have to do some cooking. Come back later and see what happens in my little corner of the world.  Until tomorrow….

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