March 10, 2016

Thursday - Snowy

A Good Day! Yay!

I woke up early this morning on purpose.  I needed to check and see if F had taken out the garbage when he went to work.  There was a lot and if he hadn’t done it I wouldn’t really have been too upset.  He had.  All the bags were gone. Yay.

I went back to sleep for a while, but dragged myself out of bed before 9 am.  I watched X-Files and it was good in a freaky kind of way. It was all about tree people who kidnapped other people.  I had my breakfast and had a cup of my Empress Blend Tea from Victoria.  It was great.

I did a workout around 11:45 today.  I was going to go for 30 minutes, but decided to just do 20 minutes.  I was fine with that.  

In the afternoon I started to clean out one of the shelves in our kitchen.  For a long time we’ve been throwing things in there and there was so much junk that we couldn’t really see just what was there.  I cleaned everything off, threw out a bunch of stuff (we won’t tell F that I emptied out the contents of some cans and threw them away) because no one needs to eat cans of crab that were 10 years past the expiry date.  I kept a few of his ramen soup packets for him, even though some in the bag had split.  I went through the spice box and emptied some of the stuff out, finally threw out the paprika (expired in 2008 and I just bought new on the weekend) and generally made the shelf look better.  I have no idea if this will last, probably not knowing us, but at least it has been done! I have a bit more of an idea what I have now too.  Hurray for that.

After I finished I did a little net surfing and then waited to see what would happen when F came home.  

When he came home, he did say hello and actually talked a little to me, but was quiet.  He wasn’t feeling well, his back was really bad today.  He had brought food home, but put it in the fridge.  I asked him if he was going to eat soon and when he said no, asked if I could go ahead and have my dinner.  I had some of my pulled pork which was still yummy, then did my dishes.  

After that, I thought I had to try something, so I asked F if he’d like to go for a walk or go for a tea somewhere.  He said he would! I asked if he wanted to eat first, so he had a little bit of food.  He did his dishes and then got ready, as did I, to go outside.  He went out to the car for a moment and came back in with a Costco bag.  He gave it to me and said it was for me.  Inside were two bath sheets, one in grey, one in sea green.  For me!  He’d had to drive to Yamagata today and on his lunch break had gone to Costco, picked up the towels and had lunch there.  I thanked him and gave him a hug and things were so much better.

He also told me that it was snowing outside.  Oh no! We decided to go anyway. It wasn’t really staying on the ground, it was a bit like solid rain! I had thought about going to Mister Donut near the station, or McDonald, but he wanted to go to an izakaya.  We walked all the way to the station and had some sashimi and a salad and a couple of drinks at the place in the station. On the way back, Mister Donut was still open, so we went in and had a donut and a cup of their Royal Milk Tea before walking home again.  

Even though it was cold, it was a nice walk, and it was nice to be doing something together.  I got in extra exercise, which made me happy and the fact that we’re talking again made me really happy!

We got home around 11:30 and I watched Nurse Jackie at midnight.  F went to bed a little later and I’m going to go soon too.  

Oh, just thought I'd put in a gratuitous craft shot....this is how my clutch purse looks so far!

Fingers crossed things will keep going better tomorrow.  Come back a little later and find out how that anniversary goes too.  Until tomorrow….

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