March 11, 2016

Friday - Cold with flakes of snow

A sad but good day.

I had a usual sort of day to be honest.  I got up and watched The X-Files, but I can’t remember most of it now.  I had my breakfast and also some tea.  I think I finished up my Empress Blend tea too.  

I had a quiet morning, put on my workout gear and was going to work out when the doorbell rang.  We got a delivery of a new multi-region DVD player.  We haven’t opened the box yet. A few minutes later, F came home.  He’d had lunch already he said, but just wanted to spend a bit of time at home.

In the afternoon, after he left, I did a late workout.  I enjoyed it though.  After that, I changed and did a little bit around the house.  I also had my lunch.  I finished up the pulled pork and had a bit of omelette, and even had some tortilla chips and salsa.  A very small amount, but it was nice too.

F came home fairly early tonight and wanted to go out.  He had been at the Art Forum earlier in the day as part of his job, and they were making candles for the memorial. I think he wanted us to make one.  We didn’t get down there early enough, but we did stay for the ceremony with songs and music.  I rather liked it, although I couldn’t see very much of it.  It was sad but enjoyable.

Afterwards, F and I went for dinner at a nearby restaurant/izakaya.  He had a beer, so it is a good job that we were walking!  I wanted to have an oolong tea, but they were out of it, so I only had the free tea they gave guests.  Boo!  We did have a nice dinner.  F ordered a kara-age teishoku (fried chicken set meal) and I ordered a plate of stir-fried veggies.  We also got some gyoza and deep fried tofu. We shared part of the meals with each other and it was nice.  The food wasn’t great to be honest, but neither of us were in the mood to be picky.

We walked home again and I tried to watch TV, but the channel was out.  The weather was a bit cold and snowy outside, so atmospheric conditions must be bad.

I watched a couple of shows and then turned off the TV. And that’s about it, you are up to date.  I think on Saturday we are going to see a movie in the evening, and I hope to go to either the station or the travel agency in the mall to see about my travel plans in May.  I need to see what is out there.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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