March 13, 2016

Sunday - Cloudy and cool

A good day.

I slept in quite late today, but I had a good reason.  When I went to bed the room was spinning.  I was lying in bed and even with my eyes closed the room felt like it was going around and around.  I woke up a couple of other times and didn’t feel that great.  In the morning I got up and used the washroom and still felt a bit bad.  Then I got back spasms because I haven’t been drinking enough water over the last couple of days.  Ack.

F and I had a nice lunch in Krippa, the Indian Nepali restaurant we like today.  They’ve done a bit of a re-fit and have added some benches to the restaurant.  It looked a little nicer in there.  We had the Indo-Lunch set.  I had chicken curry, and F had vegetable curry.  It came with tandoori chicken and naan and a salad and drink.  It was yummy.  

After lunch we took our bedding to a new laundromat and washed it.  Since we have a queen size bed, everything is big, and we can’t do it at home.  It went quite well.  I got a bit of my book read while waiting for the washer or dryer. When our laundry was finished, we went through the small hundred yen shop and got a few things, and then came home and made the bed again.  F picked up some kerosene for the apartment as well.

We had a nice dinner tonight in Okazaki, the fish restaurant that F likes a lot.  I had grilled masu which is apparently like trout. The masu was good, but had some bones in it.  F had tempura and liked it as well.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home again.  I remembered that a movie I love is on WOWOW tonight, so we watched it again.  It was called Still Life and was a really good, quiet little movie.  I did some crochet during the movie too.

Next up for me was tonight’s Downton Abbey.  It was on a little late tonight and I missed the first few minutes, but not to worry, it’s on the DVR and I’ll catch them later.  

Oh, speaking of DVR’s and such, F set up the new DVD player today, so I’ll be able to watch my overseas disks again. Yay!

So, today was quite a good day.  Although my back is still spasming a bit, I’ve been increasing my water consumption so I’ll be fine soon.  The room stopped spinning when I got up to stay this morning, so that was good too!  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  If you have time, come back and find out! Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Oh, bizarre! I got up yesterday morning and the room was spinning! I felt so dizzy I had trouble walking. I have vertigo that comes and goes and that's what it was. I ended up having to do a couple of rounds of the Epley maneuver before it went away.

Anyway, glad you're feeling better, though it sucks that your back is giving you problems. It's a good reason to get lots of rest though!

Helen said...

I hadn't heard of the Epley maneuver before. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

I don't think that I have vertigo, so I don't know why the room was spinning. I'm sorry that you have it though.

Yes, I've had this weird thing ever since I was in college. If I don't drink enough water my body responds with spasms in my back.

Rest up...I hope you're feeling better soon too.