March 3, 2016

Thursday - Clear and sunny, warmer

A good day.

I got up this morning and did my usual X-Files watching plus tea and cereal bit.  It was good.  I had no idea if F would be home for lunch or not, so I waited.  Of course, he didn’t come, but there was a Pretty Little Liars catch up show on, so it didn’t matter.

I did a two mile workout today by mixing a couple of videos.  I did Intervals first and then finished with the end of the two mile walk.  It worked rather well as I got a cool down at the end.

Over the course of the afternoon I watched a bit of TV, did some stuff on the computer, had lunch and a shower, and saw F when he popped home for a few minutes.  

I scanned my cards around 4 pm and then at 5ish ran them off to the mailbox.  I made good time and got in a bit more exercise.  Yay me.

I came home and started getting dinner together.  I decided to make the pasta in the new microwave pasta cooker that I got on the weekend.  I had to make F tell me what it said though!  We had pasta with a bought sauce and a bought salad today.  Yes, I didn’t do a lot of cooking!  It was quite good, the pasta cooker, but I did have to give it some extra time as the first time I checked the pasta it wasn’t quite done yet.  

I put the pasta in our bowls and we ate.  It was a simple, but nice dinner. We finished up the last of the smoked salmon too.  It was still good, but beginning to get a bit dry.  Afterwards, I let F off the dishes because I really hadn’t done much actual cooking.  He appreciated it I think.

We had a fairly quiet evening from there.  I watched a few of my TV shows…Bones, Bates Motel and Nurse Jackie.  For the first two I started my latest craft project, and then had to re-start when the size was a bit big.  

And that was my day basically.  Tomorrow I might go out in the afternoon if I get around to it, or not.  I’m also cooking dinner tomorrow night, so I might do something extra for that.  I’m not really sure yet.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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