March 4, 2016

Friday - Clear and sunny

A good day.

I got up quite early this morning, quite surprised myself.  As soon as my alarm went off I got up.  I got started on my breakfast early, today I had oatmeal done in the microwave.  Yum.

I had a fairly normal morning, watched The X-Files and then snoozed a bit during Castle.  I got dressed and started my workout today and of course F came home for lunch without calling at all.  Sigh.  I just kept going.  I was doing a 2 mile walk and I didn’t want to stop.  He ate, and I didn’t for a while!

F left and in the afternoon I worked on my computer stuff and thought about going out.  I did get a nice delivery during the day.  My birthday present from my friend arrived. I got a nice pair of warm gloves and a wool wrap.  When I wrote her a thank you message I wrote that it’ll soon be warm enough to wear it and I should get quite a bit of use out of it, even in summer it can be quite cool at night or under the air conditioning.  

I decided not to go out, which was fine.  Around 5 I did the dishes and then started to do a few things for dinner.  When F came home the last time (he popped in for a few minutes then left to go to his mother’s) I started to get things ready.  

Tonight’s dinner was pineapple and coconut pancakes from a store mix, plus bacon and roasted carrots.  I also made some instant chawanmushi so we had a range of foods.  It went over quite well.  

F did the dishes and then we settled in for the night.  There was a women’s soccer game on the TV, so I missed Castle (it’s on the DVR).  It was Japan versus China I think and it wasn’t a great result.  I did go to the couch and do a bit of crochet during Numbers so I got some work done.  Yay me.  

F hasn’t been feeling too well tonight.  He’s debating going to the doctor tomorrow or not.  I don’t mind either way.  He might take his mum out for a bit in the morning too.  

I do have some plans for tomorrow evening so please come back in a bit and find out how they went.  Until tomorrow…

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