March 5, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning fairly early, and then went back to bed as the apartment was cold!  When I got up a bit later I filled the kerosene tank up and started the heater.  I got myself ready to take a shower and then F came home!  I yelled hello to him through the bathroom door and had my shower.

After my shower I dressed and then we decided what to do.  F suggested going for a Japanese style brunch, so that’s what we did.  I had sashimi and F had a tempura set meal.  It was quite good.  One problem for me is that place doesn’t have tea for the end of the meal, only coffee, which I don’t drink.  Sigh.  

When we left the restaurant, we went to the new drugstore that used to be the Asahi drugstore.  It was big!  I got more lip stuff, and some things for the apartment, in the bathroom and the kitchen.  We also picked up a couple of drinks for later.

We discussed going for tea somewhere and then F drove us home and parked.  He’d forgotten.  Then, he remembered when he saw my face.  I suggested walking the few meters to the little coffee/tea shop down the street, so after putting our shopping in the apartment, that’s what we did.  It was nice to walk in the sun and just nice to walk! We each had tea and no dessert, although I told F it was fine if he had dessert. 

We walked home again, and despite planning to watch a movie, we never did.  I was quite disappointed to be honest.  Instead, F put on some really crappy Japanese TV, so I put my headphones on and watched stuff from Facebook and YouTube. I also did a bit of crochet on my purse.  This was before I started it today, so see what you think!  

Shell Stitch Clutch
Early days yet!
Later on, F went out to the grocery store and I got ready for going out.  F was supposed to have been to a work-related overnight party tonight, but it was postponed at the last moment.  I had asked my friend in the next city if she’d like to get together so she was coming to meet me.  We had talked about going to a movie or having dinner, and decided to play things by ear.  F returned before he came back and heated up his yakitori.  I was quite hungry but managed to resist his food!

When my friend came, we talked about where to go and decided on an Indian restaurant.  We didn’t order the set meal, we got a few things off the menu and shared some of them. We had papad, which was a bit like a chopped salad on papadums, saag curry (mine was chicken, hers was paneer), chicken tikka, naan and she added on a lassi for herself.  The food was good and the conversation was great.  The time flew by. 

We decided to go all out and go to the nearby Cocos and have dessert and drink bar.  We both had the same thing, a chocolate brownie parfait and drinks.  I had some rooibos tea with mine, and it was good.  

We left a bit after 10, after all, she had to drive back to Sakata, and she dropped me off at home. F was snoozing I think, but seemed glad to see me.  He’s had a headache most of the day today.

F was still watching bad TV, but there wasn’t much on for me anyway.  I took over the TV for Project Runway and enjoyed that.  Now, F is listening to something on his computer but it is annoying me.  I think he’s snoozing again!

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  We might see a movie if F is feeling better and I can get up for it, we might go to the museum to see the hina dolls.  We haven’t decided quite yet.   Come back in a bit and find out just what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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