March 6, 2016

Sunday - Clear and then rainy

A good day.

I slept in this morning, but I did set my alarms so I would get up.  We had decided to see an early movie today, so I could sleep in, but not over sleep.  

I got up around 11 and got dressed fairly quickly.  We talked about places to lunch and went to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch.  Yum.  We both had the same main dish, pork sautéed with a mustard sauce.  It was rather nice.  I enjoyed my bread, F ate his rice.  

Afterwards, we left the mall and went over to the theatre.  We went to see She’s Funny That Way and it was okay.  I know what he was going for, a madcap comedy, but it was just a tad too slow for that.  I quite enjoyed it, but wasn’t as in love with it as F was.  

After the movie we bought a few things in the bakery in the theatre, then went off to S-Mall for a snoop around the hundred yen shop and then some tea.  We had our tea and then walked around the grocery store there.  

We came home for a bit.  It was the afternoon and we’d been out for quite a while.

At home we talked about dinner.  F suggested sushi, but I declined, I’d had raw fish yesterday so I was at my limit.  We ended up going to the restaurant behind Pal and it was pretty good.  They do western and Japanese food, so F had yakisoba with starchy sauce and I had pasta with komatsuna and shrimp.  Mine came with dessert and it was nice…not a teeny dessert like the hotel gave me either! 

We hit up the PAL grocery store and got some things for dinner tomorrow.  I’m going to try and use up some of the things in the fridge, so I didn’t buy meat tonight, just some veggies and my usual yogurt. 

I had a bit of a frustrating night tonight.  F was too into his TV without actually watching it.  I am annoyed because I spent the weekend without watching anything that I wanted to in prime time.  I did get to watch Downton Abbey tonight and it was brilliant of course, but F had gone to bed.  I did some crochet however.  It still looks the same as it did the other night, just a tad bit longer.  I’ve reached 10 cm of single crochet. It’s as boring as heck, but looks surprisingly good!

I also cut my finger when I was cutting the tag off something.  It hurts a lot and it makes it hard to type because the bandaid sticks out a bit. I don’t know how I was so stupid to actually cut the finger with scissors!  I didn’t think they were that sharp.

So that was it for me for today. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a better day with lots of crochet!  Come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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