March 7, 2016

Monday - Sunny and cloudy

A good day. 

I got up early this morning (for me) and came through to the living room.  I had a really hard time staying awake as I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep overnight.  I snoozed through my shows, even X-Files a bit.  I did have some tea and breakfast however, and did a workout as well.  I did a two miles today.  

In the afternoon I was still sleepy, but managed to stay awake mostly.  I thought about going out, but it looked a little like rain so I didn’t.  I showered and had some lunch as well.  After lunch, I started to season a pan that I wanted to use for something.  It is a new one and I can use it on the stove or in the oven…I’m thinking I can now make a frittata. 

F popped in a couple of times, once in the morning, and then once after he came back from Yamagata.  He was in a good mood. He came home finally from his mother’s around 7:30 and I kicked dinner into a higher gear.  

Today we had tsukune burgers, shimeji mushrooms with herbs, hash browns, and salad.  It all was very nice and I was quite surprised!  

After dinner F did the dishes finally and then I watched Gossip Girl and crocheted.  I’m up to 13 cm now.  Yay!  

When I finished my crochet time, I went into the kitchen and put together a baked omelette for breakfasts.  I feel a bit guilty that F rarely has food in the morning, so I made a nice omelette for him.  And me, probably for lunch!  It’s got bacon, mushrooms, cheese, eggs and milk in it so I think it’ll be nice.  It certainly looked good!  

I watched a couple more TV programmes, Graceland and an old episode of Law & Order.  That’s about it.  I’m going to try and go to bed a little earlier tonight because I am quite tired.  

Tomorrow I’m cooking a roast in the slow cooker and getting up to something, but I’m not sure what!  Come back in a bit and find out what exciting things go on in my life.  Until tomorrow….

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