March 9, 2016

Wednesday - Cloudy

Not much better today…

I went to be quite early for me last night, a bit after 1 am.  I woke up this morning when F’s alarm went off.  He was up before me but I had to make a washroom run so he knew I was up too.  I wasn’t spoken to, but the lights in the living room were turned on, as was the TV.  When he left a few minutes later I got up.  He’d turned off the DVR, but left the TV on, probably by mistake. Good thing I got up.  I ended up staying up after that.  

I had my breakfast and tea over The X-Files and even did my exercising early this morning.  F didn’t come back at all during the day, however.  He had an out of town driving assignment.

During the day I worked on part of the area around my computer.  It was sorely in need of a declutter/throwout, and it got one today. I filled up two small garbage bags, I’ll probably have to get up and take them out tomorrow.  

I didn’t watch a lot of TV in the daytime, I just didn’t feel like it.  I did have a nice lunch by myself though.

When F came home it was a bit late.  He did respond when I said hello, but didn’t talk to me.  I asked if he wanted dinner, he didn’t speak to me.  He went to the kitchen and made his own ramen and then ate it.  When he was done, I reheated my pulled pork and had that.  Mine was really nice.  There’s still enough for me for tomorrow, so I’ll probably have it again.  I don’t mind really.  

Basically, I was ignored for most of the night.  At one point the noise level was quite high as he had both the TV on and the computer on making noise.   I decided to just ignore it as much as possible.

I was cold so changed into my pyjamas and then did up the household garbage.  I wonder if I have to take that one out tomorrow too.

A little before 11 I told F that I wanted to watch something so moved over to the couch with my crochet and watched Scandal.  It is so deliciously over the top that it actually cheered me up.  A bit.  

When it was over I asked F if he wanted to watch anything but he was rude and a bit scary when he shouted “NO”. I left the room and he turned on the TV anyway, but it went off soon enough.  He’s gone to bed now but still seems mad at me.  I’m not sure how long this silent angry treatment is going to last.  I’m quite over it.  

That’s about it for me.  It’s almost 1 am and I’m thinking about going to bed.  This kind of atmosphere in our apartment makes me so tired for some reason and I just feel like sleeping for a long time.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get out of the apartment for a bit and also that there’ll be some kind of breakthrough.  Who knows?  Come on back and I’ll tell you what I can.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Your husband always seems so sweet. I guess he is going through a bad time? I hope everything gets better.

wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Oh, and regarding the divorce comments in the previous thread...I would never mention divorce because if he took me up on it, maybe I would lose custodyof my son. So I would never go there verbally. My husband never goes there either. After the earthquake, he said we were never getting divorced. (Meaning if our relationship survives will survive anything.) I am not always so confident, though. lol

Helen said...

And you know, if we met up today, he'd be perfectly sweet again. He has a few health problems and there is some other stuff going on that I don't want to get into in a public forum like this.

I think we're just going through a rough patch. This bit before April, when they start announcing transfers is always a bit nerve-wracking. F has been at his place for 5 years, usually they are transferred after 3 years, so I think he's a bit nervous about that too. It doesn't mean that I can forgive the whole silent treatment thing, but I understand it a bit. When I'm feeling generous!

Thanks for visiting!

Jessica Tsuzuki said...

I am sorry to hear that you guys are going through a rough patch but you're probably right about the timing and hopefully everything will resolve itself in the coming weeks. Sorry you have to go through it, though.

Helen said...

Thanks Jessica! Things are much better today as you'll see if you come back in a bit :-)