April 1, 2016

Friday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up late this morning.  I’m not sure why but I woke up early and turned off my alarms and then went back to bed.  It was almost 10 when I got up for real.  Not good.  Sigh.

My morning was fairly quiet.  I watched a bit of TV from the DVR, I did a bit of laundry and decided that since I was going out, that would do for my workout.

I scanned my cards early and then got them ready to go.  I had some lunch and watched more from the DVR after the repeat of Penny Dreadful finished.  I love that show.  The second season starts tomorrow and I have had it written on the calendar for weeks.  I think it is Eva Green.  She is endlessly fascinating!

I left a bit after 4 and biked to the drugstore, hacked around and bought some stuff there.  After that I came home. 

F called and said he was finished work, so I got started on the kitchen prep.  I did the dishes and then prepared the broccoli.  Earlier in the day I had set up the garlic pork to marinate. When he was home I cooked dinner.  We had garlic pork, leftover chicken from last night, leftover swiss chard, sesame soy broccoli and salad and it was good.  F was quite impressed!

I had suggested before dinner that we walk to Mister Donuts for some tea and a donut after dinner.  I didn’t think that F wanted to do that, but he did. Hurray!  

We both got dressed for walking in the cold and set off.  After a few minutes of walking we arrived at the donut place.  It had closed.  There on the door were listed the new hours.  They are now open 8:00am to 8:00pm.  Say what?! We hardly ever go there early in the evening and Mister Donuts is always open late…there are trains and such that people come and have a coffee or a tea and a bite before they catch them. I’m quite annoyed. 

However, all was not lost.  On the way back, we passed the new karaoke box and F asked if I’d like to go in.  Of course I would!  We got a membership and went and sang for two hours.  It was a lot of fun! Towards the end I couldn’t think of what to sing so I posted on Facebook and asked my friends.  It was a little crazy since they couldn’t hear me, but in some cases, that was all the better for them!  One friend asked me to do Adele’s “Hello”. She is a great singer.  I am not.  However, my Queen song was okay and so was Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”.  I had fun.

We paid and left when our two hours was up.  We walked home.  It seemed warmer on the way back somehow.  

At home, F snoozed for a bit on the couch before going to bed, I spent quality time with my computer.  

I am not sure what we’re going to get up to tomorrow.  There aren’t any new movies in town and we are on a bit of a budget. I’m hopeful that we’ll come up with something exciting to do.  Come back a bit later and find out if we manage to have a good weekend after all.  Until tomorrow….

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