April 15, 2016

Friday - Rainy and then sunny

A good day!

I got up a tad late this morning because I had done that thing where you wake up early and think should I stay up or should I go back to sleep and then you decide to go back to bed but your brain didn’t get the memo to wake up again. (Can I do run-on sentences or what?)

I had breakfast and then spent a bit of time on the couch before deciding to do a workout.  I did one and it was good.  It was a dance based one and it worked muscles that I didn’t know I had.  

In the afternoon I worked on some computer stuff and then went into the kitchen and started on my veggie stew.  It took a bit of time to prep everything, but an hour later I had everything in the slow cooker and the apartment had a lovely curry smell about it.  

After that, I had to prepare my Postcrossing cards to go out.  Wonder of wonders, I even received a postcard today.  It was the first time this month!  I’ve been sending them out, but nothing had arrived until today.  I was so happy to see it.  I scanned cards, uploaded the scans and also wrapped up a book that I was sending as a bookmooch.  I almost ran to the post office tonight as I was getting close to the closing time.  I made it and the guy who picks up the mail even waited for my package.  Hurray for that.  I positively strolled home.  It was so nice out and I wasn’t in a hurry after all.  

When I came home, around 5:30 I had lunch.  Crazy, no?  Yes.  I finished up some of my stuff from the other day and had another Buddha bowl, although this one was rather small since dinner would be soonish.

I did up the dishes and then went on to my computer and did a bit of time wasting. F came home fairly soon after that.

I had to do a bit of finishing off of the stew, so I set the table and boiled the sausages I was serving with it.  I was able to have dinner on the table fairly soon after F arrived.  The stew was great!  Today I kept it closer to the original recipe than I did the first time I made it and I still liked it a lot.  

F wasn’t feeling that well, so I did the dishes and then we did something we haven’t done in ages.  

We went to the Internet Cafe.  We both were able to get massaging chairs and we spent the next 3 hours relaxing and being pummelled by the chairs.  I did a bit of reading, a bit of crochet and spilled my tea all over myself and my college T-Shirt.  Sigh. (It’s in the washing machine now)

We came home after 3 hours was up and have been sitting around just relaxing.  F was supposed to have gone to a work party tonight but he begged off.  I did hope that he’d go, more because I think he needs to socialize, but understand that he wasn’t in the right headspace for it.  

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  He’s off to the doctor and to do some work at his mother’s house.  I’ll probably stay home, although I might just be persuaded to go out by myself.  

Come back in a bit and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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