April 16, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

For lunch today I suggested that we go to a fish restaurant that F likes. It was a good suggestion, one that he liked.  We had a nice meal of pork!

After the meal we went shoe shopping for me.  I need to replace my runners and ended up getting a couple of pairs of casual shoes.  I had to buy men’s shoes because I can’t find women’s that fit. Sigh.  

We went to S-Mall for a drink but before we had the drink hit up the travel agency to see if there are any travel deals for me when I go away next month, and there are!  Woot! I can get a sort of train pass that lasts long enough for my trip.  

We did a bit of shopping around the mall after our drink and then Fumihiko dropped me off at home.  He’d had a delivery while we were out, so when he returned called and asked the delivery company to re-deliver it.  I was a tad annoyed since we were supposed to go and see a movie after having dinner.  I wasn’t sure that we’d have time to do both.  

I suggested that I heat up the rest of the stew and we have that for dinner.  It was a good idea, and that’s what I did.  Our dinner was a bit small, one helping of the stew plus another big sausage each, but it was nice.  F had rice with his.  

While (I thought) F wrote a thank you message to the person that sent his parcel, I did the dishes.  In fact, he did bugger all, but never mind.  

We went to see The Big Short and it was really good.  It was intelligent and gave me a much better understanding of what happened behind the big financial crisis in the US.

We came home via the grocery store and ever since have been watching earthquake news.  I made F change the station for two of my programs, otherwise I would have been quite unbearable to live with!  Project Runway finished tonight and I think the judges made a good decision, although for a change there were many clothes that I’d want to wear, not just a few things.

And that was my day.  I’m tired and yawning away at my computer so it is time to bid you all adieu and get some sleep.  Come back later if you dare and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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