April 2, 2016

Saturday - Warm and Sunny

A mostly good day.

I slept in a bit but no worries.  I got up and took a shower, then watched a bit of TV with some tea.  I didn’t know if I should have breakfast or not, F didn’t say if he’d be home in time for lunch or not.  After 12 I got tired of waiting and was making myself some toast with avocado and wasabi when he arrived.  He said he’d already eaten so I continued my brunch making.  It was really nice.  I ended up having leftovers from the fridge too, so I had a nice, cheap lunch.  

We went out for a while.  We walked to the Chido Museum and looked at the Hina dolls and then some of the other exhibits.  We spent a bit of time in the garden behind the museum too.  I took a few pictures of the ume trees, which were in bloom and so pretty.  We walked home and on the way F was putzing around taking pictures of random things.  I was trying to do a “walk” so left him behind and then went back for him.  
The pond in the garden of the Chido Museum.

Ume blossoms

I suggested going to a coffee/tea shop downtown for tea or coffee and some fruit tart.  I wasn’t sure if they would still have any since it was late in the day, but I thought it would be a good idea to try.  We drove downtown and had a lovely piece of strawberry tart each.  I had Darjeeling tea with mine, F had coffee.  It was really nice.  

We went back home again, well I did.  F had to go to his house to check on the boiler. His mother complained it wasn’t working so he had to check it out.

When F came back I wanted to ask him something about the upcoming Golden Week. When I started to ask him, he started talking over me and just generally being a jerk.  He wouldn’t listen so I just left the room, went to the washroom and then went into the bedroom for a bit and closed the door.  

I could hear him microwave some food and watch TV, so I thought he was not interested in having dinner.  

I eventually got up, put my coat on, grabbed some money and was going to leave when he asked where I was going.  I didn’t want to keep fighting, after all, we’d had a lovely day up until he’d been an idiot, so I calmed down and so did he.  We went out for dinner to the Chinese restaurant near our apartment and had 3 dishes and shared them.  It turned out okay after all.

We came home and F watched lots of bad Japanese TV.  I didn’t care because my stuff didn’t start until late.  Finally, tonight the second season of Penny Dreadful started.  Annnnndddd…..F proceeded to eat kaki no tani loudly all through it, rustle papers endlessly, sigh and get ready for bed loudly, then come back and make more noise.  All through the show.  I was so annoyed.  I know he’s a bit stressed right now so I held my tongue, but it was a close thing.  Thankfully he seemed to stay in bed for Project Runway.  It was the avant-garde challenge today and it was really exciting.  

That’s really it for my day.  I’m glad that F and I didn’t keep fighting, I think we both have need of a peaceful weekend.  I honestly have no idea what we will end up doing tomorrow.  We might even stay home and relax for a change.  I’d like that a lot.  Come back later and find out what we end up getting up to.  Until tomorrow….

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