April 20, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny, cloudy and warm

A good day!

I got up early this morning, before my actual alarms, but decided to snooze on the couch rather than go back to bed.  I fell asleep and of course woke up quite late.  I had breakfast and tea, and read my computer stuff.  I didn’t do a workout today.  Gasp!

F did come home for lunch and it was nice to see him, but I really don’t know why he did.  He made himself ramen and then left again. 

I did a few things like scan some cards, watch a bit of TV and then, I was ready to leave.  I decided to walk today, since I didn’t get my regular workout in.  A walk would do nicely in lieu of my workout.  I walked to the post office and mailed off another bookmooch.  This one is off to the USA.  Then, I went to see if my hairdresser could take me today.

I walked to the salon and I was very lucky.  She wasn’t busy today and was able to take me.  As usual, I got a great cut.  I went with another pixie cut, this one is quite short and I think great for summer.  At one point she swept my hair back while it was quite wet and I thought that looked really cool, so I might be able to dress it up that way.


After I finished at the hairdresser I walked to the mall.  My stylist ran after me to give me back my picture, which was very nice of her!  

At the mall, I had a lovely sandwich and iced tea at Subway and then did a bit of shopping.  I got a few things for the convention I’m going to next month, including a sketchbook and a compass set. I need to put some more art supplies together soon.  

I thought about staying in the mall and having more tea, but was worried it might either rain or get dark.  I decided to go home again.  I walked home and enjoyed the walk.

F came home a few minutes after I did and we had a nice chill out time.  We finally decided to go out for dinner and tonight had Indian food at Anwol, the closer of the Indian restaurants.  It was quite good tonight.  I tried Keema Curry and liked it a lot.  F had pork curry, which he liked, but said he liked mine more!

After dinner, we did a bit of grocery shopping.  I’m going to make dinner for the next couple of nights.  Tomorrow night I think it’ll be ginger pork.  I have some ginger that I’d like to use in the fridge.  

I did a bit of crochet while re-watching Penny Dreadful and then took care of the garbage while watching NCIS.  I even took some really ancient stuff out of the back of the fridge so good for me!

That’s about it.  I’m off to bed as soon as I can go.  In the next 24 hours I hope to do a workout, get dinner prepped and maybe, just maybe, go out for tea and a nice read.  Come back in a bit and see if I manage any of it!  Until tomorrow…


Rosa said...

Very cute! Everyone I know is cutting off their hair now that we're into spring and summer is approaching. It is such a temptation...

Helen said...

Thank you! I just get so hot in summer and my hair is so fine that I can't do anything with it. I'd rather chop it all off...not all, but you know what I mean!

If you like your hair short, go for it. If not, then don't. I think hair is such a personal thing. I've never had long hair...not longer than shoulder length anyway.

sewingforsarah said...

I'm in the US, but lived in Japan as a child. I really enjoy reading your blog. :) Your new haircut looks really great on you!

Helen said...

Thank you on both accounts :-)

Thank you for commenting too!

wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Nice haircut!

Helen said...

Thank you! I really like it too. Very wash and wear :-)