April 24, 2016

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning before my alarm went off.  Of course I went and sat on the couch and snoozed there, but I was out of bed!  

F didn’t go and see his mother today and didn’t seem to care about that.  I am a bit worried, but there is really nothing I can do about it.

We had some tea in the morning and then I suggested going to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch.  We did that and both had the same thing for lunch, fish.  It was good, if a tad small.  However, lunch overall was nice.  The odd thing was that when we were given a table I noticed that there was some kind of stain on my chair so I preferred not to sit there.  I got F to ask a waitress to wipe it for me, and then we were shown to another table.  I think F might have thought I was complaining over nothing, but in all honesty I didn’t know what it was and didn’t want it to transfer to my good jeans!

After lunch we went to the craft fair.  Finally!  We missed it last year and only caught the last 5 minutes of it.  This year, I read about it in the local magazine and told F that I wanted to go early!  I even wrote it on the calendar.  We managed to find parking and walked over.  Within 10 minutes I found something I wanted to buy, so I did!  I got two pairs of earrings.  One pair is for me to wear to convention next month and the other pair is for a friend for Christmas.  Both pairs of earrings are made out of wood.  Mine are different.  One is a moon and one is a star, and they are black.  

We saw a lot of great stuff.  There were people selling silk there, it is a local product and I was sorely tempted.  At one place a lady asked me what to call the amount of wool that she had bundled, so I was glad to be able to tell her it was “a skein”.  She had some gorgeous golden silk…I was so tempted, but it was too fine for most of the work I do and I had no idea how much it would cost either.  I did end up buying a bowl, well, F did for me!  I got it into my head a few weeks ago that I would love to get myself a bowl for my cereal in the morning.  Yes, I have regular bowls, but it is nice to have something that is just mine!  We looked all over.  Some were gorgeous but too expensive, some were reasonable, but just didn’t speak to me.  Finally, just as we were about to leave I checked one last table and saw it.  It was a donburi bowl and it was a cream colour with green swirled into it.  The seller told us that it wasn’t painted, it was made that way with the clay.  I wasn’t sure, but F liked it too, so I got it.  I could use it as a Buddha bowl.   She threw in a little dressing holder, or I can use it to drink sake out of too!  I don’t drink sake so I’ll probably use it for dressing!  I have half decided that if something happens to the mug I am using at home, I’ll try to contact the seller and get a matching mug for my tea!

Following our time at the craft fair we went to Mister Donut for some tea and a doughnut.  I had a mini-churro, and F had a croissant-muffin cross.  He started to feel bad in the shop, so we came home.  

He did feel better at home, he said he thought it was the air-conditioner bothering him, so after a while we talked about dinner.  We ended up going for sushi to Kintaro, our usual place.   On the way there I realized they have a small sashimi plate that I could order.  It would be lower in calories than the sushi so I did that.  Happily, F took the shellfish that I don’t eat and I ate most of the rest, barring one kind of fish I shared with him.  I did have some actual sushi too, but this was a way to eat more and not have all the rice calories.  Yay me.

After dinner, we went to Gyomu Super for a few minutes to get some more oatmeal for me and then hit up our usual grocery store to buy food for the next couple of days.  I’m hoping I can make something nice with what I bought!

And that’s about it.  We came home and put away the groceries.  I watched a Colin Firth movie which was also a Woody Allen movie.  It was okay.  He’s miles too old for Emma Stone, even though I’m totally in love with him. The actors were better than the movie.  

I also set up a lunch date for myself for Tuesday.  A friend of a friend is temporarily in this area and we’re going to meet up and have lunch.  I’m looking forward to meeting up.  

That’s about it.  Tomorrow I am going to use my new cereal bowl at breakfast and then hopefully get started on my next Journal Column, even though I have no idea what to write about!  Wish me luck with that.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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