April 25, 2016

Monday - Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning early and promptly fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up a bit after 9, made my tea and had my breakfast in my lovely new bowl.  It was delish!  

I did a workout this morning and finished up just as F came home.  I’m trying to get started earlier, but I’m not organized in the morning.  There’s also the thing where he doesn’t come home every lunch time, and I never know when he’ll skip a time.  It was a good workout and I was quite sweaty when F came home.

After he left I watched a couple of things that I had taped, had my lunch and did some computer stuff.  I planned to go out but never actually did.  I took a shower too.  Yay me.

F was a bit late tonight.  He’d been able to do some computer work last night so stayed late to do it.  He still went over to his mother’s and then came home.  I had dinner started at least. 

Tonight we had quinoa, eggplant baked with garlic, chicken katsu from the store and salad.  It was quite nice.  Since it was a little small, we followed that up with a piece of chocolate cake.  That was rather nice! 

I watched a bit of TV when F was finished with it.  He had a snooze on the couch before taking a bath.  He was very tired today.

Tomorrow I am going to meet someone for lunch in S-Mall.  She’s someone that I met once, but it was a long time ago.  She’s in Tsuruoka for a few months and it’ll be nice to be able to chat to someone new.  I am thinking of taking my bike to the mall and doing some writing or shopping after lunch.  

Come back in a bit and find out how my day goes.  Until tomorrow….

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