April 26, 2016

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and came through to the living room, had my tea and breakfast…bowl is still lovely…and didn’t workout.  Nope.  I got dressed and left the apartment a bit before 12.  

I biked off to S-Mall and met the friend of a friend for lunch.  We got on really well, had Subway and then moved over to Doutors for more drinks.  We spent about 3 hours together and were both quite sad when she had to go.  

After she left, I hacked the hundred yen shop and bought a few things, then decided to go off on my bike to the nearby drugstore.  It took about 10 minutes to get there and I did a little shopping, then biked back for another 10 minutes.  

Since I didn’t have to be home quite yet I went back to Doutors and had an iced tea and did a little reading and some writing on my column.  I didn’t write a lot, but I have a few ideas and I think it can be the base of a column.  I may even do a short column this time! 

I bicycled home and discovered that I’d had a delivery during the day.  I did dishes and got a few things ready for dinner.  

When F came home, I started cooking.  Tonight we had grilled eggplant with garlic, tandoori chicken, salad and pilaf.  After dinner we had another piece of F’s chocolate cake, which was still very nice tonight.  

We had a quiet evening.  My delivery came.  I had ordered some undergarments on the internet and they arrived.  Almost everything fit, although one thing was so tight I had to get F to do it up for me.  I probably won’t use it that often for obvious reasons!  I did some internet stuff and finally went over to the couch to do a little crochet.  My shawl is getting bigger and I did manage to take some pictures of it today, so I’ll give you a sneak peek at it!

Part of The Lizard!
And that’s about it for my day.  It was very nice and I really enjoyed it.  I was out most of the day, and it was so nice! Tomorrow I’ll likely stay home and work on my column.  The deadline is approaching and so is Golden Week.  I must finish.  Come back later and see if I manage to get everything done.  Until tomorrow….

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