April 28, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and did my usual thing of watching Murder She Wrote and having some tea with breakfast.  I made the bed and even got dressed a bit early in my workout gear so that I wouldn’t still be working out when F came home.  And he didn’t come home!  However, I did the toning workout today and my arms could really feel it.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do any working out over the next few days.  

In the afternoon I did a bit of review on what I had written so far on my column and watched a bit of telly from the DVR.  I had lunch too, another Buddha bowl, this time with tuna.  Yum!

I got stuck into my column and it seemed to go quite well.  I had most of it written by the time that I had to get dinner underway.  I boiled some daikon but when F saw them in the pan he added some konbu because he was shocked that I wasn’t using anything else in the pan!  I reheated some of the food from the other night and all in all, we had a nice dinner.

When F came home tonight, he showed me his knee.  Apparently he’d been climbing on a ladder today and had fallen off it.  He claims to be fine, but his knee is a mass of scrapes and what I think will be bruises.  I made him wash off his knee, which he did by taking a shower…then gave him an ice pack to see if we can stop it from swelling. I hope it helped. 

Since F was “walking wounded” I did the dishes.  There weren’t that many tonight, so it wasn’t a big deal really.

After dinner, I got stuck back in to my column.  I got it done and sent off to the new editor.  Whew!  Safe.  The deadline is actually May 1st, but F is off for Golden Week from tonight, so I knew there would be no chance that I’d be able to work on it.  

We watched a bit of TV and F went to bed a while ago.  I think he was tired.  I’m still up but hope to go to bed soon.  

Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to Sakata to meet up with some of my friends.  I’m not completely sure when we will meet up, but it’ll be in the afternoon.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up before then!  Until tomorrow….

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