April 29, 2016

Friday - Rainy and cold

A good day.

I got up late this morning.  I’m blaming F because he sat on the couch and watched TV with the volume down and the lights off, so I had no reason to wake up.  I know, I shouldn’t blame him, it’s my fault, but…

We went out for lunch around 12.  The first place that F suggested was closed as was the second.  We ended up at Futaba and it was a good move!  We had a lovely meal.  Mine was pork with bread and I had soup and salad and scalloped potatoes and it was lovely.  F asked if I wanted dessert but I said no because I knew that I’d be having something later.

We drove to Sakata and went to the Starbucks where we met up with my friends.  We spent about an hour there and had some nice conversation.  After a while, we moved over to the Aeon Mall in Sakata.  While we were there, the ladies went to check out the craft shop and the males played in the game centre.  F kept an eye on the boys while us ladies goofed off!  After a bit we had a break for some snacks!  I had ice cream, as did my friend and the two kids, F had ramen off by himself.  

Sadly, after a while the others had to leave.  F and I did a little bit of shopping in the mall, and then the hardware store and finally an electronics shop.  I bought a can opener at the hardware shop.  Yay!  A real can opener!

We went back to the car and F asked about going to a restaurant near the mall.  I was worried that it was too expensive, so we looked for something else. He found us a nice restaurant in the middle of Sakata.  Thing is, it turned out to be more expensive than the first place, but it was really good so it didn’t matter that much.  

The chef at the restaurant spoke very good English as he had lived in the US for many years.  He came out to talk to us, which was nice, BUT a tad annoying when I was trying to eat my food while it was hot! He was trying to be friendly, and I think if the restaurant wasn’t so quiet he probably couldn’t have done that, but anyway…. We had steak and it was really good.  Some of the little restaurants in Japan are so good, it is almost unbelieveable!

After we finished our meal we left.  We made a quick pitstop at the mall again and then came home.  We’ve been here ever since.  At 11pm I asked F if we could watch So You Think You Can Dance and we’ve been watching it ever since.  It’s funny that F is actually watching this.  Dance doesn’t have a language, it is a language.  

So that’s it for me for today.  Tomorrow I have to be somewhere fairly early, but after that, my Golden Week will really start.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

Had fun! Thanks so much for coming to Sakata, and thanks to your husband!

Am now trying to get caught up on computer stuff.

The first thing that hubby said to me when we arrived in Fukushima was that a blogger he reads got divorced. It's a Japanese woman married to an American man. My husband was like, "Maybe her blogging caused the divorce!" Uh, whatever....LOL

Helen said...

I doubt that her blogging caused the divorce! It may not have helped, but it probably didn't cause it.

I had fun with you too! It was nice that we were all able to get together. I hope your visit went well.