April 6, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I overslept a tad this morning but didn’t worry about it.  I thought about doing the couch thing and then talked myself out of it! I got up, had breakfast and tea and channel-surfed.  I was so glad I did, because I found that Episodes was on and these were episodes that I hadn’t seen before.  Yay.  WOWOW never seems to advertise this show well enough.  I really like it.  

I had the feeling that F would be home for lunch and he was, so I didn’t start my workout.  Between my late starts in the morning and my late workouts, I half feel like I don’t get a lot done during the day.

After F left, I did my workout.  It was quite a good one and I was a tad sore afterwards.  I watched a bit of TV from the DVR and scanned my cards.  I debated having lunch versus going to the post office, so decided to run off to the post office first and then have lunch.  At 4:50 pm! Yep.  

So, I walked off to the post office.  I took a few minutes there to look at stamps and buy a few, then I walked home again.  It was really nice to be out of the apartment for a bit.

When I came home I put my lunch together.  I made a big taco salad without tortilla chips.  It turned out to be really great!  I had a lot of lettuce, some of the meat, cheese, salsa, fake sour cream, salad dressing…it was perfect.  I didn’t think it would be that good.  I also had half of a bagel afterwards.  Yum.  I did the dishes and waited for F to finish work.

F came home around 7 pm and we decided to go out for dinner. F suggested a Japanese place we go to sometimes and I said okay.  We went to Misono.  It was fine.  We ordered and waited for our food.  F’s was much sooner than mine. Of course he was having ramen.  A guy came in and sat behind me and off to the side.  Then, he got up and grabbed an ashtray and then sat at the table next to us.  My heart sank a little.  Sure enough, he might have wanted a cigarette before his meal, but I didn’t want to have his cigarette with my meal.  I finished up as quickly as possible and we left.  

We bought some groceries and then came home.  There were a few things on TV, but nothing I was too passionate about tonight.  When F took his bath I put on Con Air and then I rewatched Penny Dreadful because Eva Green.  Once again, I don’t know how he does it, F made a whole lot of noise during the show.  Is it like marking his territory or something?  It drives me so crazy.  

I wrote a few more postcards tonight.  I haven’t been sending or receiving many lately, so thought I really should get some in the mail.  Unfortunately, many of the ones I am sending will go to Russia and may take forever to arrive.  I hope they will surprise me!

And that is about it for me tonight.  If I hurry, I can get off to bed a little early which would be a nice change.  Come back a little later and I’ll see if I had a good day too.  Until tomorrow….

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