April 8, 2016

Friday - Cloudy

An okay day.

Another day, another over-sleep.  Sigh.  I woke up early then went back to bed.  I think I have to stop doing that! 

When I did get up this morning I put on my workout gear right away and did a workout. It was quite a tough one, an ab one.  Ugh.  Still, I got through it.  

After that I watched a little telly and had breakfast and tea.  I expected F to come home for lunch, but he didn’t.  It was quite nice for a change! 

I watched the Stephanie Plum movie, One for the Money and even though I had heard dreadful things about it, really enjoyed it.  I did think it was more of a TV movie than a feature film, however.  

I had leftover nabe for lunch and then worked on my computer for a bit.  F popped in for a quick visit and then left again.  

After F came home I made dinner.  Tonight was a fairly simple one, and a bit of a clean out the fridge dinner.  We had pasta with bought sauce and a salad.  I added in a couple of sausages from Yamaya and the leftover chicken from last night, plus the last of the taco meat.  Most of it disappeared.  It was quite a good meal.

F wasn’t doing well and after dinner I did the dishes.  Halfway through he disappeared into the bedroom and has been there ever since.  I did all the dishes and then cleaned one of the stove’s burners and cleaned the kettle.  It hadn’t been done for a long, long time!

I spent an hour or so crocheting my shawl and then I even took pictures for you.  It’s looking quite good! 

Lizard by Jasmin Rasanen

Close up of Lizard

I watched a lot of TV and surfed the net, same old, same old! 

I have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow afternoon.  After that, I hope that we can see a movie in the afternoon or evening.  I’d like to have a nice weekend with my husband!  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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