May 12, 2016

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up early this morning and stayed up.  Unbelievable! I watched my shows and read back entries in this blog. I had some breakfast and some tea too, the usual.  

I did an intervals workout this morning and finished it just a couple of minutes before F came home for lunch.  Which he didn’t eat.  I don’t make him lunch, he usually brings it from a shop or makes his own ramen but today I was a little worried.  He ate a bun and that was it.  I offered him some of the stuff in the fridge, but he didn’t eat it.  

After he left I watched some older tv, a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time, and last week’s Agents of Shield.  I scanned my cards and then stamped them, and took them off to the post office after 5. On the way back, I bumped into the husband of F’s niece, we said hello and went on our way.  

When I was home again I vacuumed the apartment and then washed up the lunch dishes.  F came home a bit later and we discussed where to go.  He wanted ramen and I didn’t.  We ended up going to Kien, it’s a ramen and curry restaurant.  I had curry with a hamburg on it and F had ramen with gyoza and rice.  Mine was okay, I didn’t mind it. 

We went grocery shopping and got some of the things I needed for tomorrow night’s dinner.  We tried again at our usual shop then, but they didn’t have any chicken breasts either.  The one time I really needed some and I couldn’t find them.  Sigh.

We made a quick conbini run as F needed to pay a bill and then came home again. I watched Royal Pains later on and did some more work on my purse.  I sewed in one panel of the plastic embroidery canvas and have the other one ready to sew tomorrow night.  It’s looking really good!  I think tomorrow I’ll try to put the things I want to carry in the purse in it and see how it looks.  I may decide not to use two panels of canvas, if it doesn’t look good.    

That’s about it for today really.  F is still feeling tired and in pain. I feel quite sorry for him.  Tomorrow I’m going to cook dinner and hopefully work more on my purse.  I didn’t get around to working on my closet yet, I hope to tomorrow!  

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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