May 19, 2016

Thursday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning after snoozing a little longer than I wanted to.  I watched Castle and made breakfast.  Today I had some muesli and it was very nice.  

I had a quiet morning but when 11:30 came around I flew into action.  I made the bed, changed into my workout gear and started my workout in a much shorter time than usual.  I did a speed interval walk and quite enjoyed it.  I finished up just before F came home for lunch.  Yay me.  

 I started working in the bedroom almost as soon as F came home.  I had decided that I was going to go through my stuff and see if I could junk anything or see what I had.  I did throw out a few things, but honestly, not enough.  I may have to Marie Kondo my closet and that scares me more than a little.  Still, I managed to get into my closet today, and get my dress for the convention.  Hurray.  It took hours going through things and to be honest, I put a pile of stuff aside to deal with later.  I also put a huge pile of stuff in the laundry basket.  I’ll check and see how things fit once I’m sure they are clean.

In the afternoon, when I had finished in the bedroom for today, I had my lunch (avocado on F’s homemade bread…yum!) and then spent a very little time on my computer.  I did some laundry tonight and also washed up our dishes too.  

F was home a bit after 6 and I suggested going to Krippa for Indian food.  My original plan was just having naan and curry like I always say I’m going to have, but F went with the set meal and I caved too.  It was really good.  We had chicken sag curry, huge naan, salad, chicken tikka and ice cream for dessert.  We also got a free drink and F had rice.  I cancelled mine because I knew I couldn’t eat it.  

We bought a few groceries after dinner at the Mina grocery store.  It was fun checking it out.  It is so much bigger and better than my local store.  We got food for tomorrow night and then came home.  I told F he could have the TV until 10:00pm and did a postcrossing.  I ended up doing 3 more during the evening.

I worked a little on my purse and watched Bones.  Tonight was the night when a regular important character was killed off and it was sad.  F started babbling about some silly ship in Sakata at the time so I basically told him that I wasn’t interested.  I tried to make him see that I was sad about the character on the show.  I don’t know if he got it.  

Lately, F has been so noisy during the shows that I really enjoy.  If there’s a way that he can make noise he finds it.  He crunches his food with his mouth open, runs water and does dishes with great crashing and banging, all during shows that I enjoy.  He is worse during Penny Dreadful.  I think it has something to do with the more I like a programme, the more noise he has to make.  It is driving me a bit nuts and frankly I am tired (so tired) of biting my tongue and not saying something.  The only reason I don’t is he tends to get even noisier and angry if I do.  

Anyway, mostly the day was good and I am so glad that I finally got into my closet.  Tomorrow, I hope to be able to do a little more clothes sorting or whatever, then scan my postcards and run them to the post office.  I also really need to get more stamps and hit up a bank for some money…from my account. Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to on Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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