May 2, 2016

Monday-Cloudy but clear

A good day.

I got up late this morning to an empty apartment.  F was with his mother today.  I got dressed and then decided to take some coins to the post office and cash them in.  I did that and while I was gone F came home.  He found my note to say where I was after he phoned me to see where I was!

I came home and a little later we went out to the railway station.  I needed to buy train tickets.  F helped me because it was a bit tricky, but we finally got it all sorted out, except for the last leg of my trip.  I can’t buy the ticket from here. 

We had a nice lunch at Subway and then came home for a while.  F had thought about going fishing, but when he looked at the equipment he said not today.  Instead, he ended up going to bed and sleeping.  

I did some computer stuff and then worked on my clutch for my convention.  I darned in the ends and made a rough pattern for the lining.  When I finished that, it was after 8 pm, so I woke up F and asked him for my dinner!  

He suggested an izakaya, one that’s quite far away.  I was fine with it really since I wanted some exercise.  

We walked for 25 minutes and had a nice meal at the izakaya.  We had some sashimi, yakitori, salad, cooked fish and a few other things.  It was good, but expensive.  

We walked home again afterwards.  F would have gone to karaoke if I’d asked, but I have the beginning of a cold and I’d rather not have it get worse.  

So that’s it.  We may go fishing tomorrow, I hope to go and get a fancy button at the store tomorrow too, and then I’m not sure what else!

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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