May 20, 2016

Friday - Warm but a touch muggy

A good day.

I got up late today. Oops.  I had breakfast…porridge and yogurt and tea, and had a relaxing morning.  I was planning to work out, but then decided not to.  I was going out so knew I’d get some exercise.

In the afternoon I prepped the garlic pork for dinner, then did a spot of cleaning.  I scanned my cards and stamped them too. I dressed for going out and then grabbed my bike and went.

I rode to the closest bank machines and made a withdrawal.  After that, I rode to the drugstore and did a little shopping.  I came back, rode through our apartment parking area and went on to the post office where I mailed my cards and bought some new stamps.  Then I went to a convenience store and bought a sandwich and a drink for lunch.  Yay me.  

I came home and ate while I watched the news.  Around 5 pm I took a shower and then started preparing the kitchen for dinner.  Tonight’s dinner was simple but good.  We had garlic pork, boiled potatoes, steamed green beans, and salad.  We were supposed to have mincemeat tarts for dessert, but….

After F did the dishes he asked if I’d like to go out later.  I said sure.  A little after 9 we went for a walk.  Luckily I had recorded Castle.  I thought we’d try going to a tea shop, but we ended up going to a Snack (a kind of bar) that F has been to before.  We went there and had a bit of food and F had a drink, I had my usual oolong tea.  We sang a few songs on the karaoke system and then left.  It was quite expensive, but also a little different.

We got home just before midnight.  It was not what I planned to do tonight, but it was kind of fun.  Not an every day occurrence I hope, but enjoyable. 

And now, I must be off as I have an early appointment.  Come back later and find out if my Saturday is as good as my Friday was!  Until tomorrow….

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