May 21, 2016

Saturday - Warm and a bit muggy

A good day.

Today I got up at my first alarm and got dressed.  I had some breakfast too. Hurray.  When F came back from his doctor and his mother’s we went over to another doctor’s office.  Things were fine there.  He just wanted to check in.  After we paid, we left the clinic.

I suggested going to the Tsuruoka Hospital for lunch.  They have a decent restaurant upstairs and I also wanted to visit the gift shop.  I had a pretty good set meal upstairs.  It had grilled salmon, salad, rice and some vegetables.  F had a huge bowl of ramen, but didn’t like it that much.  After lunch we picked up some sunscreen for me at the giftshop and then went on to S-Mall.  

At S-Mall I got a magnifying mirror for my handbag or suitcase and then we went off to Mister Donut.  F wanted to go again.  They close tomorrow so I do understand him wanting to do that.  

We came home for a few hours in the afternoon.  I did some computer stuff and so did F.  

When it was dinnertime, F suggested the Chinese Restaurant near our apartment.  I wasn’t sure, but thought it would be okay, if he would order some food to share with me.  That’s basically what we did.  We got two dishes off the specials and another off the regular menu and had a nice feast.  

After dinner I asked F if he wanted to keep walking, and he did.  We did make a pit stop in the grocery store, but then kept on going.  We did quite a long circuit and I took F the way that I sometimes ride on my bike.  It was a lovely evening for walking, not too cool and not too warm so we both enjoyed it a lot.

At home I Skyped with one of the AFWJ ladies for an hour or so.  That was fun, since I didn’t know her that well. When we finished, I watched a bit of TV and got a bit of my purse done.  I really have to try and finish it soon.  I’d like to send it down to Tsukuba in my suitcase! Still, it is coming along.

I served us some mince tarts this evening too.  I bought them for New Years but we didn’t eat them then.   They expire at the end of the month so it’s a very belated New Year celebration!

And that’s about it.  I have made plans to Skype with another AFWJ member tomorrow to talk about crafting for a while, if I can wake up in time.  After that, I am really not sure what we’ll get up to.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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