May 23, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up a few minutes late, but came through to the living room quickly.  I made tea and breakfast, watched Castle and checked Facebook, the usual.

I got dressed quite early and made the bed and started a workout out before 12.  I finished about 3 minutes before F came home for lunch.  Safe.  He made and then ate his lunch and then left.  I did actually offer to make him something, but he turned me down.

I did some of my computer stuff, but in the middle I found I was so hungry that I needed lunch! I made myself a “skillet” lunch and it was awesome!  I cut up the leftover potatoes from last week, fried them and added in a wiener.  Then I took it all out of the pan, put it on a plate and topped it with some shaved cheddar.  After that I fried an egg, but left the yolk runny and put it on the top of my mound of food.   Yum.  I was surprised because I rarely eat eggs.  They just aren’t something that I eat nowadays.  

I finished up my computer stuff, watched some stuff on the DVR and then took a quick shower.  

I went into the kitchen and started to prep for dinner.  I did the dishes and then washed some veggies and divvied out the salad in two plates.  

I had a weird idea yesterday for today’s dinner and I tried it out. It worked rather well.  We had bought some nice wieners at Costco, so I made Yakitori with them.  I cut them up, threaded them on skewers with some vegetables and then with the leftover veggies I made vegetarian skewers.  We had them with boiled potatoes.  It was pretty cool.  I grilled them on the fish grill and dinner got quite good reviews!  The one thing F commented on was that I didn’t put the wieners on the skewer the way a Japanese person would.  I think he liked it!

Around 8:30pm we went out for a walk again.  I suggested the general direction and we walked for ages.  After 9:00 pm I suggested going home, but it still took us another half hour (including the time it took to visit a convenience store) to get home.  I have been piling up the miles over the last few days.  Honestly, it’s a little much.  Usually when I walk I have 24 hours to recover.  At the moment it is around 9.  I’m debating skipping my workout tomorrow morning or doing an easier one just so I don’t wear myself out.  I won’t be walking on Wednesday morning as I have plans, but I’m undecided about tomorrow.  I think I’ll play it by ear and decide tomorrow!

We came home and I did a few postcrossings.  I took a break to watch an old CSI and finished my purse.  Yay!  I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow for your viewing pleasure!

After midnight I noticed I had tons of calories left so I offered F another couple of mince tarts.  We had a late night snack and it was lovely. I was swearing not to buy the mince tarts again, because I don’t eat them at New Years, but even eating them in May is lovely!  Not seasonally appropriate, but yummy.

That’s about it for me.  I’m quite tired and I need my sleep.  Come back later for pictures of my purse and to find out what I end up doing!  Until tomorrow….

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