May 25, 2016

Wednesday - Hot and muggy, rain at times.

A good day.  I got up this morning, watched Castle and had a bit of breakfast.  I took a quick shower and then got dressed and waited for my friend.  She was able to come from the next city over today.  Yay.

F came home for lunch, but just after he arrived, so did my friend, so I left!  My friend and I discussed where to go and finally decided on Simon.  It’s a French/Japanese fusion place.  She had never been, so I had to navigate with lots of help from Google Maps.  The restaurant wasn’t busy, so we were seated right away and got down to the serious business of talking, eating and enjoying ourselves.  I had fish for a change and my friend had steak.  Hers looked really good, I sort of wished I’d had it too!

We were politely asked to leave the restaurant and then went over to Komagihara Spa.  We wanted some ice cream and a place to chat.  First we toured the veggies and she bought a few things.  I decided not to as I’m going away soon.  After that, we had ice cream, followed a little later by coffee or tea.  All too soon it was time for her to go, so we drove back to my apartment, detouring a bit for the Tenjin Matsuri events in the park.

I had a few minutes in the apartment to relax so I did.  Then, I changed my clothes and went out to sweep the lobby. It took a while, but I got it looking decent.  I came back in and then worked on getting my suitcase ready to go.  

I took everything out, and then checked that I had enough outfits that I would wear and would be practical for this time of year.  It’s already quite hot where I’m going, but air conditioning can be too cold in places.  I put most of the stuff back in my suitcase, added a little, but kept out a couple of things I wouldn’t need.  

When F came home he was tired and I was sad about that.  He was the kind of tired where misunderstandings could happen easily. He changed and we brought my suitcase to the courier service.  Since I’m travelling by train, I really don’t want to have to take it all the way by myself.  I’ll have them deliver it back here after I come home too.

We went out for dinner.  F wanted his Taiwan restaurant and since he’d helped me and was tired, I said it was okay.  We had a good, if much too big meal.  I even managed to give him a bit of mine, but I still left some of the rice.  

We did some grocery shopping after dinner.  We got a few things at Yamaya and then MaxValu.  I’ll cook dinner tomorrow night, probably just pasta, but I won’t have to cook for a few days and that’s a nice thing!

We came home and a few minutes later went for a walk again.  Tonight we were out for over an hour.  We walked back through the park and as we did, it started to rain.  Oh dear.  We made it home but were a little wet.  

I watched Penny Dreadful again, and F took his bath and then made noise as usual on the couch.  I worked on my crochet by darning in some of the ends on the little motifs I’ve made.  I still have a few to do.  I’ll probably try and do a few more tomorrow night.

And that’s about it.  I’ll probably skip tomorrow night because I’d like an early night. Don’t miss me too much, and I’ll see you next week if all goes well.  Until….next week then!

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