May 3, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny and hot, a little overcast.

A mostly good day.

I got up this morning on time, watched some of Murder She Wrote.  F came home about the time I got up and wanted to go out for breakfast. I wanted oatmeal so he faffed around in the kitchen for a while until he finished making himself some noodles (not ramen, something else).  I didn’t get into the kitchen for a while but when I did I made a lovely bowl of oatmeal with frozen raspberries for myself. Yummy.

I took a shower and got dressed.  F wanted to go fishing today and I really had no objection.  I wanted to go to the craft shop to get a nice button for my purse, after that I didn’t mind.  We went to the craft shop and found a nice button.  F was quite a good help today, except he’d keep showing me brown buttons when I wanted black ones!  I ended up getting a clear button with crystals on it. It’s very pretty and will match the purse quite well I think.  

We had lunch at Sukyia, the gyudon restaurant.  I had a bibinba that was big and quite good, F had a regular gyudon.  He said it was too big.  I thought he’d be pleased to go there, but he really wasn’t!  

We drove out to Kamo port.  The road was incredibly crowded because everyone was trying to go to the aquarium, except us!  We were trying to go to the port to fish.  We got there eventually and threw our lines in the water but didn’t have any luck.  F did catch two fish, but they were too small to keep so he threw them back in.  When I say they were small, they really were!

We fished for about 3 hours.  It was nice.  It was lovely and warm at first and then there was a warm breeze so we had the sea and the sun and it was just relaxing.  I really didn’t care about catching anything, I hoped that F would just because he cared, but I think we both had a good time.  

When 6 pm rolled around and the town chimes went we were already packing up.  We drove back to Tsuruoka and went to the Evil Place.  It used to be our routine, so we did it tonight too.  It was a mistake really, but… It’s a yakiniku buffet and we both over-ate.  Still, it was a fun thing to do and we probably won’t do it again for a year or so!

We couldn’t face doing anything except coming home afterwards, so that’s what we did.  I suggested going out for a walk later.  Around 9:30 we decided to leave.

We discussed where to go and decided that McDonald’s for a drink would be good.  We had just left the dark area near the apartment building and were walking down the street on the sidewalk.  I could smell a lovely flower in the air.  Suddenly my toe caught on a paving stone and I lost my balance and ended up on the ground.  Splat.  F immediately tried to pull me to my feet, but I made him back off.  I wasn’t sure that I was still in one piece, I didn’t need him making an injury worse.  I slowly got to my feet.  I’m mostly okay.  I’ve skinned the palms of both hands, the left one worse than the right.  My right knee lost a lot of skin and had a walnut sized lump on it.  My left knee doesn’t appear bruised yet, but I’m sure it’ll show up in a few days. Surprisingly for me, I didn’t bleed anywhere, but my body feels a bit out of alignment.

We continued on our walk to McDonald.  We had our drink there and then F wanted to walk a bit further but I said that I’d rather go home and ice my knee.  That’s what we did.  

My knee feels okay, but I’m sure I’ll be a bit stiff and sort in the morning.  Darn!  At the end of the month I have a big party to go to and I want to wear a dress and nylons, I don’t want to have to cover my legs because of bruising.  

So that’s about it for tonight.  I’m planning to go to bed soon.  I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.  So far, accident aside, it’s been a nice and relaxing Golden Week, so I hope tomorrow is good too.  Come back later and find out how big my bruises are, or how stiff I end up being!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling okay after getting banged up in that fall. It can really jar things about for a time, even if it doesn't feel all that bad when it happens.

Helen said...

It really did! My back is a bit painful and both legs have twinges. I hope I get back to normal soon.

As always, thanks for visiting....